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Anti Bacterial Silicone

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Anti Bacterial Silicone 

In the current silicone market, customers require not only silica gel environmental protection, but also silica gel antibacterial function, which is commonly known as "Antibacterial Silicone" and "Antimicrobial Silicone", so how to choose antibacterial agent, so that your silicone products meet customer requirements, in an invincible position in the market? Silicone rubber is widely used in medical materials, medical devices and drug sustained-release materials due to its non-toxic and biocompatible properties to human tissues, among which antibacterial agents mainly include Natural Antibacterial Agents, Metal Antibacterial Agents, Organic Antibacterial Agents and Composite Antibacterial Agents.

Anti Bacterial Silicone Keypad

Anti Bacterial Silicone Additives Types

  • Natural antimicrobials agents such as chitosan, it has high antibacterial efficiency, safety and non-toxic, but their service life is short.

  • Metallic antibacterial agents such as silver ion-based antibacterial agents, with the advantages of high antibacterial activity and good safety, but silver raw materials are precious and rare, resulting in high cost of silver antibacterial agents; Silver, long known for its antimicrobial properties, works to inhibit the growth of a broad spectrum of both gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria, as well as mold and fungi. The ionic silver incorporated into our StatSil antimicrobial elastomer line is designed to carry a strong positive charge with a high affinity for negatively charged groups of biological molecules. This process works to potentially alter the molecular structure of the biological molecules, which may render them unrecognizable to the cell and inhibit bacterial and microbial growth. The silver-based antimicrobial silicone elastomers can be versatile and adaptable for a wide variety of applications and uses. 

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Antibacterial agent KP-J67 SGS.pdf

  • Organic antibacterial agents such as quaternary ammonium salt, the sterilization speed, sterilization ability is strong but easy to develop drug resistance; 

  • The advantages of Compound Antibacterial Agents are long-acting, broad-spectrum, safe and non-toxic, good color stability, currently in the research stage.

Nano silver silicone

How does the Anti Bacterial Silicone Works?

As bacteria or microbes make contact with the silicone surface, the free silver ions break down their cell walls, inhibiting the growth of any micro-organisms. The material simultaneously breaks down the bacteria whilst preventing further colonising on its surface, thus providing ongoing protection.

Anti Bacterial Silicone Application

The antibacterial silicone rubber is ideal for applications in medical environments as the choice material is always silicone rubber but by choosing antibacterial silicone you get the added security of being an antibacterial silicone rubber, like umbrella valve, duckbill valve,dispensing valve, silicone tubing, etc. All silicone products can pass the FDA certification, SGS certification and European LFGB certification, achieving barrier-free access to the market. With the progress and development of modern science and technology, silicone rubber will have a broader prospect in medical applications.

It is also used in areas where you can get high volume of people coming in to contact with surfaces and used as a protection against bacteria transfer from one person to another, and when you add in all the other benefits of silicone rubber over other rubber types it’s easy to see the potential benefit to almost any industry, like Silicone Sleeves, Silicone Case, Silicone Protective Cover, Silicone Keypad, etc.

 Anti Bacterial umbrella valve

Our customer asked us to manufacture a Silicone Keypad Cover for a new nurse call unit that incorporated an antimicrobial additive in the material to help resist growth, and kill, harmful bacteria. These additives are often added to the base compound for both silicone rubber and plastics before the parts are moulded.

 Anti Bacterial Silicone Keypad

As a professional nano silver silicone products manufacturer, We add elemental silver nanoparticles to silicone, make it have antibacterial performance. Nano silver particle diameter is about 25nm, it has strong inhibition and bactericidal action to e. coli, Chlamydia Trachomatis and many other kinds of pathogenic microorganism. nano silver silicone is mainly used in anti-bacterial medical equipment production, it is the material which can put in mouth at ease.

Nano silver finger toothbrush

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