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Bulb Type Surgical Drain

Silicone Forehead Pad, also known as medical forehead pad, Silicone Cushion, which are mainly used with CPAP Mask, Full Face Mask & for Medical Resuscitator & Respirator. The forehead pad support the hard plastic frame and helps to prevent any discomfort caused by plastic mask rubbing against your skin and is compatible with a variety of Respironcis masks.
  • ST02

Bulb Type Surgical Drain

Bulb Type Surgical Drain, also known as Medical Drainage Bulb, Medical Drainage Silicone Bulb, Medical Negative Pressure Drainage Ball, which is used to remove fluids that build up in an area of your body after surgery. The drain is a bulb-shaped device connected to a tube. One end of the tube is placed inside you during surgery. The other end comes out through a small cut in your skin. 

a bulb type surgical drain

What is a Bulb Type Surgical Drain?

The most common type of surgical drain carries the fluid into a collection silicone bulb that you empty. This is called a drain. The drain uses suction created by the Medical Silicone Bulb to pull the fluid from your body into the Silicone Drainage bulb. The medical silicone tube will probably be held in place by one or two stitches in your skin. The bulb will probably be attached with a safety pin to your clothes or near the bandage so that it doesn't flip around or pull on the stitches.

Generally the drain has a soft silicone bulb with a stopper and a flexible tube attached to it (see the followed picture. 

Medical Drainage Bulb

The drainage end of the tubing (flat white part) is placed into your surgical site through a small opening near your incision. This area is called the insertion site. A suture (stitch) will hold it in place. The rest of the tube will extend outside your body and will be attached to the bulb.

When the bulb is compressed (squeezed) with the stopper in place, a constant gentle suction is created. The bulb should be compressed at all times, except when you’re emptying the drainage.

Medical Drainage Silicone Bulb

Bulb Type Surgical Drain are produced by LSR Injection Molding with FDA Medical Grade Liquid Silicone Material.

  • Bulb Type Surgical Drain produced by Injection Molding is High Precision, tolerance can achieve to 0.02mm, and also the flash is minimum

  • Properties of Liquid Silicone Material is good than solid silicone: the material is more pure, so elongation rate & tear strength is good.

  • Medical Drainage Bulb's Liquid Silicone Material for Injection Molding is safer than solid silicone for compression molding.

  • LSR Medical Silicone Tube is resistant to bacteria growth and won’t stain or corrode other materials. (during production process, solid silicone for compression molding needs to put on the mold manually, and sometimes in order to make the part eject from the mold easier, production people will spray mold release on the mold, while if produced bu injection molding, there won’t be this kinds of concerns, because the whole process is completed by machine. )

  • Liquid Silicone Bulb Type Surgical Drain Material can be fully cured, so it is more safe, biocompatibility is good. The material can be sterilized via a variety of methods, including steam autoclaving, ethylene oxide (ETO), gamma, e-beam and numerous other techniques, meeting all required approvals such as BfR XV, FDA 21 CFR 177.2600, etc.

Medical Silicone Tube

As a professional silicone rubber plastic company, we also produce many different kinds of silicone products for medical use:

 umbrella valve duckbill valve

                                Umbrella Valve                                          Duckbill Valve

silicone cap swing valves

                               Silicone Cap                                         Flap Valve & Swing Valve

silicone diaphragm valve silicone seal

                          Membrane Valve                                            Silicone Seal

silicone seal silicone O-ring

                                Silicone Bobin                                             Silicone O-ring

Silicone bulbs Rubber Bellows Expansion Joint

                       Silicone Bulb Tube                                              Silicone Bellows

plastic tubes full face mask

                               Plastic Tube                                                  Full Face Mask

plastic connector plastic patient valve

                                 Plastic Elbow                                                Plastic Cover


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