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Silicone Valve Manufacturing Process

Silicone Umbrella Valve for Resuscitator Plastic Case

Medical Silicone Rubber Bushing for Resuscitator

What is Silicone Rubber Umbrella Check Valves Manufacturing Process

Silicone Cushion & Rubber Pad for Anesthesia Face Mask

Own Precision Mold-making Technology (since 1998 years)
Experienced Technical Persons and Workers
One-stop Service: Mold Tool Making, Silicone Rubber Compression Production, Plastic Injection Production, Liquid Silicone Injection Production and Assembly.
Experienced Industry Knowledge, Leading industry:  Electronic Industry (like Precision Silicone Rubber Smart Cellphone Parts, Rubber Keypad, 3M Adhesive Tape+Silicone Rubber etc), Medical Industry (like Silicone/Liquid silicone rubber mask/valve/gasket etc), Sanitary Industry (like Silicone Shower Head Nozzles).
Well-established and Down-to-earth Company: Improve production technology and also use qualified formal materials

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 7F7B09, Harmony Square, No.2 Huli Avenue, Huli District, Xiamen , China.(office)
 2F, No. 165, Tong'an Park, Industry cluster zone, Tong'an District, Xiamen, China (factory)
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