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  • [Profession News] Heat Shrink Boots
    Heat Shrink Boots Heat Shrink Boots also referred to as Heat Shrink Molded Shapes, Wire Harness Boots, Heat Shrink Tubing, Heat Shrink Cable Boots, which are used in a wide range of industries such as military, aerospace, automotive, and industrial. Often used in conjunction with heat shrink tubing,
  • [Profession News] The Difference Between VMQ, FVMQ, FKM, FFKM
    The Difference Between VMQ, FVMQ (Fluorine Silicone), FKM (Fluororubber), FFKM (Perfluorinated Rubber)
  • [Profession News] Custom Molded Silicone Rubber Bellows & Boots
    Silicone Bellows, also known as Rubber Bellows, Rubber Expansion Joint, Silicone Bellows Hose, Automotive Rubber Bellows, Rubber Boots, Rubber Bellow Boots, is an essential part of many different industrial systems. Silicone Rubber Bellows are designed to protect against dust, water, oil, grease, ac
  • [Profession News] How does Duckbill Valve Play on a Breast Pump?
    Breast pump duckbill valve is also known as silicone duckbill valve, duckbill check valve, breast pump valve, valve membrane and duckbill pump valve, which is one way valve in the shape of a duck’s beak in aim to preserve the pump suction to allow milk to flow into the collection bottle, offer better output during breast pumping sessions and provide backflow prevention to breast pump(consisting of breast pump flange or pump breast shield, pump diaphragm, miniature duckbill valve, backflow protector, silicone breast milk collector, pump tubing, milk collection bottle). Pump duck bills are made of food grade silicone material, such as liquid silicone material, and widespreadly used in baby and maternal products.
  • [Profession News] What are the Types of Medical Check Valve |
    Medical Silicone Rubber Valve also knowns as Silicone Check Valve, Silicone One Way Valve, Rubber Non Return valve and Medical Diaphragm Flow Control Valve. Silicone rubber valves used in medical devices are generally duckbill, umbrella, disk, v-ball, combination and bi-directional valves. There are many considering factors, such as material and processing way, when deciding which medical valve is suitable for application.
  • [Profession News] How to choose between Silicone Valve and TPE Valve?
    Elastomer Valve is also known as Non-return Valve,One Way Valve, Back Pressure Flexible Check Valve, Air Flow Valve etc, which regulates, directs or controls the flow of a fluid. Our elastomer valves can be universally applied in many different applications, such as the health care, automotive, food
  • [Profession News] How Does A Dispensing Valve Work?
    Dispensing Valves, also known as Cross Slit Valves, Slit-cutting Valve, which are used to open at a pre-determined pressure and closing thereafter in order to dispense a medium once a certain threshold pressure is achieved. For example when dispensing product from a flexible shampoo bottle. When the
  • [Profession News] Custom Make Silicone Rubber Wire Grommet
    Rubber Wire Grommet, are also known as Rubber Cable Grommet, Cable Hole Grommet and Silicone Grommet for Wire, which are widely used to protect wires, tubes from harm of abrasion damage. Silicone rubber Grommets are also usually used as vibration dampers, finishing components and even spacers. When
  • [Profession News] How Many Resuscitator Valves Are in BVM Ventilation Bag?
    BVM valve also can be called as resuscitator valve and Ambu Bag valve, which function as non return valve in self inflating manual resuscitator to control oxygen flowing for a breathing or non-breathing patient in an emergency situation. Ambu bag valve includes pop-off valve, pressure limiting valve, non-rebreathing patient valve, PEEP valve, and intake valve, consisting of plastic parts and rubber medical check valve like duckbill valve, umbrella valve​, diaphgram disc valve, expiratory valve.
  • [Profession News] Is Silicone Rubber Antibacterial & Antimicrobial?
    Antibacterial & antimicrobial silicone, is a type silicone added with antibacterial agent or antimicrobial additives to enhance its resistance to bacteria. Due to FDA approved and biocompatible properties, it is ideal for producing antibacterial door handle covers, antibacterial toothbrush, phone case, keyboard cover, silicone face brush in medical device, daily and food industry.
  • [Profession News] Why Choose Injection Molding Rather Than Compression Molding for Silicone?
    Why Choose Injection Molding Rather Than Compression Molding for Silicone?
  • [Profession News] The Difference Between Overmolding and Double Shot Molding
    In this article, we will mentioned two methods of manufacturing silicone & plastic molded products: Overmolding & Double Shot Molding, which are viable manufacturing processes that offer several advantages for many plastic manufacturers. Both processes can be difficult to master since they require a
  • [Profession News] Some Explanations on the Production Process of Silicone Rubber Raw Materials and Products
    Some Explanations on the Production Process of Silicone Rubber Raw Materials and LSR Injection Molding Products
  • [Profession News] Where To Buy Clear Rubber Grommets
    Where To Buy Clear Rubber Grommets , Xiamen Better Silicone rubber Co., Ltd,Find Clear Silicone Grommets related suppliers, manufacturers, products and specifications,China Silicone Rubber Grommet manufacturers
  • [Profession News] What is the meaning of silk screen printing?
    Screen printing is to use the screen as the substrate, and through the photosensitive plate making method, with the screen printing with pictures and text.Screen printing by five elements, screen printing plate, scraper, ink, printing table and substrate.The screen printing plate part of the screen
  • [Profession News] What does fluoroelastomer mean
    However, fluoride rubbers are low polarizability materials with low surface energy and poor wettability, so it's very difficult for fluoride rubbers to wet, and the surface inertness has resulted in the poor adhesion of the polymer with various materials.
  • [Profession News] How are rubber bellows made
    Bellows mainly include metal bellows, corrugated expansion joints, corrugated heat exchange tubes, diaphragm film boxes and metal hoses.Metal corrugated pipe is mainly used in the thermal deformation compensation pipeline, shock absorption, absorption pipeline settlement deformation, and so on...
  • [Profession News] Self-Adhesive Gaskets
    Xiamen Better Silicone Co.,Ltd, manufacture self-adhesive gaskets, silicon rubber gasket and adhesive gasket materials for a range of industries and operating conditions. If you need technical advice on the right gasket and adhesive to use for your application then please do not hesitate to contact
  • [Profession News] What is Rubber Grommet?
    Rubber product refers to the production of various rubber products which are made of natural rubber and synthetic rubber, including rubber products made from waste rubber. The yield of synthetic rubber is much higher than that of natural rubber, and the largest yield is styrene butadiene & SBR rubbe
  • [Profession News] What does medical grade silicone mean?
    Silicone valves, like umbrella valve, duckbill valve, one-way valve are made from medical grade silicone. Medical silicone is a kind of biological materials widely used in cosmetic surgery. It has various forms, such as liquid silicone oil, jelly-like silicone, foamy silicone sponge and elastic soli
  • [Profession News] What Pallet Means
    The definition of pallet in Chinese national standard "logistics terms" refers to the horizontal platform device for the storage, stacking, handling and transportation of goods and products in the unit load.Pallets, Wood Pallets & Plastic Pallets for fast delivery.
  • [Profession News] What are conductive inks?
    Conductive Printing InkConductive Printing ink, also known as conductive ink pad printing, conductive paint screen printing, printing conductive paste ink, which is composed of conductive material, like gold powder, silver powder & carbon powder, and dispersed in the bonding material. Conductive Pri
  • [Profession News] Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) and Solid Silicone Rubber
    Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) and Solid Silicon Rubber