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Silicone Rubber Sleeve Design Support

 Without engineers to design the Silicone Sleeve & Case
 Don't know the Silicone Protective Sleeves & Skins Manufacturing Process
 Only have glass bottle & metal tubing, or plastic case samples?
Better Silicone can offer the one-stop service of Silicone Sleeve & Cover for your products
From sleeve & cover design support, manufacturability & moldability analysis, mold-making, sleeve & case production, your logo printing, silicone cover surface treatment & protection etc.

Silicone Rubber Sleeve Prototype

 Small order quantity of Silicone Sleeves are acceptable
 Each batch of materials are in line with the FDA certificate & RoHS requirements, do not have to worry about product quality problems.
 Efficiency is the primary productivity, our production people can quickly produce large quantities of silica gel sleeve. ISO management system, quality and quantity guaranteed.


Silicone Rubber Sleeve Types & Structure

Silicone Bottle Sleeve can be divided into 2 types: full silicone sleeve which "wrap" the whole bottle and half silicone sleeve with shorter height. For these 2 kinds of water bottle sleeve, mold-making ways are also different:
 Mold-making way 1 for shorter silicone sleeve: Cheap & Easier to make, also the production process is easy and without parting line. 
 Mold-making way 2 for full silicone sleeve: More Expensive & complicated, also the production efficiency is lower than way 1, for this kinds of mold-making way, there will be a parting line on the sleeve.


Silicone Rubber Sleeve Surface Parting Line

For the longer Silicone Sleeve, there will always be a parting line which will affect the products appearance.

Small parting line will make the Silicone Sleeve looks more beautiful with good quality, while big parting line will make the products looks like cheap products. So for many customers, the mostly esthetical issue is that they are concerned about the parting line. what will be the quality of that line and how big it will be. For the problem, we are confident that the products we made can abosolutely satisfied your needs,  there are 5 points that affect the parting line:
 Mold's die-cutting edge: If didn't keep good maintainance of mold sharp edge, once it is damaged, the parting line will also become bigger. 
 Mold surface treatment: it will also influence the parting line, generally, for products with high requirements about parting line, we recommend to do EDM process after CNC process to make the mold surface as texture surface. 
Mold Steel Material, 
Located pins, Silicone sleeve surface matte smooth coating can also improve the parting line.

Silicone Rubber Sleeves' Surface Text & Logo Treatment
We provide you with professional advice of sleeves' design and good service
Silk Screen Printing for Silicone Cover
First, making the printing tool, and mix the ink, then put silicone parts on the positioning tool, and start printing,
in order to make the printing result thicker & more beautiful, need printing on the surface twice.
Roll Printing for Bottle Sleeve
Notes: The difference between Roll Printing and Transfer Printing for Silicone Bottle Sleeves
Printing Thickness: Roll printing is more thick, and logo & text surface better than transfer printing's
Printing Cost: Transfer Printing is more cheap
Printing Technology: Transfer Printing is flexible
Embossed Logo for Silicone Protective Sleeve
Generally, most of our customers will choose embossed production process for Logo, because printing logo needs extra cost and debossed logo is easy to get dirty and not easy to clean.
Matte Smooth Coated & Oil Coating
Silicone Sleeve is coated by silicone oil coating not only protect printing logo & text, but also have good touch feel. For better assembly, inner silicone sleeves also need oil coating.
Silicone Oil Coating which have two main types: common oil  and FDA grade oil coating. 
FDA grade oil coating for silicone bottles sleeves, mainly produce for baby products, kitchen products etc. 

Silicone Rubber Sleeve & Protective Skins Manufacturing Process

Matte Smooth Coating
Roll Printing
Transfer Printing
Silk Screen Printing
Silicone Rubber Sleeve Application
If you have any questions, please contact us via email or telephone and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We look forward to hearing from you.
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    Duckbill Resuscitator Valve in Non Rebreathing Patient Valve for Self Inflating Bag

    Resuscitator's duckbill valve also known as ventilator check valve, respiratory & respirator valve, one way breathing valve, which are usually used as medical non return check valve in non rebreathing patient valve, expiratory valve for respiratory device like manual resuscitator & respirator, CPR bag, self inflating bag, bag valve mask(BVM), manual resuscitation & ventilation bag like Ambu Bag, Laerdal resuscitator.

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    Umbrella Check Valve for Resuscitator's Air Inlet Intake Valve

    Umbrella check valve also known as umbrella valve seal, mushroom valve, which is a non return one way valve and used in air inlet & intake valve for self inflating bag, manual resuscitator, bag valve mask(BVM), manual resuscitation & ventilation bag like Ambu Bag, Laerdal resuscitator. Respirator valve & respiratory umbrella valve is made from medical grade silicone by compression molding or liquird silicone rubber LSR molding.

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    Self Inflating Resuscitation Bag Production Issue & Solution

    Resuscitation Bag also known as self inflating bag, ventilation bag and resuscitation balloon. Manual resuscitation bag which have disposable and reusable type, is made from PVC, silicone or liquid silicone rubber. It is a part of manual resuscitator, ambu bag ventilator, bag valve mask, CPR bag in medical use. We are manufacturer of ambu bag parts, providing resuscitation bag production issue solution.

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