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Liquid Silicone Rubber

  • [Liquid Silicone Rubber] What is a Nasal Cannula Prong?
    Nasal Cannula Prongs, also named as CPAP Nasal Prongs, Oxygen Nasal Prongs, which are mainly produce by LSR injection Molding for good quality with minimum parting line and flash. Silicone Nasal Cannula is designed for easy administration of oxygen into the patient nose through two small prongs plac
  • [Liquid Silicone Rubber] How does Silicone CPAP Mask Produce?
    How does Silicone CPAP Mask Produce?Silicone CPAP MaskSilicone CPAP Mask, also know as Silicone Oxygen Mask, Medical Silicone Mask, NIV Mask. Medical Grade Silicone Cushion is made of soft medical grade liquid silicone rubber/ LSR material and it is durable, flexible and comfortable as well as very
  • [Liquid Silicone Rubber] What is Fluorosilicone (FVMQ) Rubber?
    Fluorosilicone (FVMQ, FSR) Rubber & Fluoro Liquid Silicone Rubber F-LSR is a variation of silicone elastomer which is noted for greater chemical compatibility and good fluid, oil resistance. Fluorosilicone data sheet, fluorosilicone VS silicone VS Viton are key to know the material properties. It is ideal for o-ring, gasket, seal, membrane valve in aerospace, automotive application.
  • [Liquid Silicone Rubber] What is a Liquid Silicone Rubber LSR Menstrual Cup?
    What is a Liquid Silicone Rubber LSR Menstrual Cup?Liquid Silicone Rubber LSR Menstrual Cup, also knows as LSR Period Cup, Liquid Silicone Menstrual Cup, Female Period Cup, which is a feminine hygiene device that is inserted into the vagina during menstruation. The Menstrual Cup purpose is to collec
  • [Liquid Silicone Rubber] How to make liquid silicone rubber
    Compared with solid high temperature vulcanized silicone rubber, liquid silicone rubber has good fluidity, fast vulcanization, more safety and environmental protection, and can completely meet the requirements of food grade.Liquid silica gel has excellent anti-tearing strength, resilience, anti-yell
  • [Liquid Silicone Rubber] What Are Injection Molding Machines
    Injection mould is a tool for producing plastic products.It is also a tool for giving plastics a complete structure and precise size.Injection molding is a kind of processing method used in batch production of some complex shape parts.Specific refers to the hot melt of plastic from the injection mac