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Duckbill Valve

Duckbill Valve & Duckbill Check Valve is one type of slit valves & one-way check valve with duck shaped bills & lips in aim to allow air or fluid liquid forward flow and also prevent backflow, which have critical close-sealing and open function demands at high or low air pressure. Duckbill Valve Materials: FDA food & medical grade silicone & LSR, EPDM etc.
Umbrella Valve & Umbrella Check Valves, is one kinds of one way valves & check vales, which working like rubber flapper valves, which have a diaphragm shaped sealing disk or an umbrella shape abd will allow forward flow once the head pressure creates enough force to lift the convex diaphragm from the seat and so it will allow flow at a predetermined pressure in one way and prevent back flow immediately in the opposite way. 
Rubber Valve & Silicone Valve Quality Control
As a factory management cooperation, which focus on improving factory production efficiency and spare no effort to satisfy customers’ requirements and meet marketing demand.We have high precision in liquid silicone rubber injection mold tooling,rubber compression tooling and die cutting machine for producing Silicone Seal.
Silicone Sleeve
Silicone Sleeves for Glass Bottle & Water Bottle | Custom Silicone Cover & Protective Skins for Plastic Electrical Case etc.
LSR Injection Molding
LSR Injection Molding | LSR Silicone Moulding | Custom LSR Injection Mold & Liquid Silicone Rubber Molding
Plastic Injection Molding
Plastic Injection Molding | Medical Plastic Injection Molding | Custom Made Full Face Mask, Nasal Mask
Medical Silicone Seals & Plastic Connector Tubing
Liquid Silicone Rubber Injection Mold
Silicone Bellows & Custom Rubber Bellows
Custom Silicone Rubber Grommet & Plug Seal
Duckbill Check Valve
Medical Full Facce Mask
Silicone Dispensing Cross Slit Valve

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