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  • [Profession News] Heat Shrink Boots
    Heat Shrink Boots Heat Shrink Boots also referred to as Heat Shrink Molded Shapes, Wire Harness Boots, Heat Shrink Tubing, Heat Shrink Cable Boots, which are used in a wide range of industries such as military, aerospace, automotive, and industrial. Often used in conjunction with heat shrink tubing,
  • [Rubber Mushroom Valve] Umbrella Check Valve for Resuscitator's Air Inlet Intake Valve
    Umbrella check valve also known as umbrella valve seal, mushroom valve, which is a non return one way valve and used in air inlet & intake valve for self inflating bag, manual resuscitator, bag valve mask(BVM), manual resuscitation & ventilation bag like Ambu Bag, Laerdal resuscitator. Respirator valve & respiratory umbrella valve is made from medical grade silicone by compression molding or liquird silicone rubber LSR molding.
  • [Rubber Duckbill Valve] What Is Duckbill Check Valve Design Guide And Types?
    Duckbill Check Valve Types & Installation and Duckbill Check Valve Design Guide——Duckbill check valve is also named rubber check valve, rubber duckbill valve, which has special structure like duckbill. It is an air, gas, liquid, water backflow preventer which has the function of forwarding flow in positive direction while non-return in opposite direction. Rubber duckbill check valve is applicable widely to drainage system, sewer, breast pump and manual respirator.
  • [Rubber Mushroom Valve] Silicone Umbrella Valve Seal Design Guide
    Umbrella Valve Seal, known as Umbrella Check Valve or Mushroom Valve, which is one type of silicone one way check valve ( backflow valve & pressure relief valve). Silicone Umbrella Valve, which have round diaphragm seals & seat for air or water pressure relief and backflow controls like Belleville v
  • [Profession News] The Difference Between VMQ, FVMQ, FKM, FFKM
    The Difference Between VMQ, FVMQ (Fluorine Silicone), FKM (Fluororubber), FFKM (Perfluorinated Rubber)
  • Factory Price Full Face Mask
    Full Face CPAP Masks are generally produced by Liquid Silicone Injection Mold with Medical Grade Soft Liquid Silicone material. When it comes to sleep apnea, CPAP is the most commonly prescribed and effective treatment option. However, CPAP treatment only works when people wear their mask every nigh
  • [Profession News] Custom Molded Silicone Rubber Bellows & Boots
    Silicone Bellows, also known as Rubber Bellows, Rubber Expansion Joint, Silicone Bellows Hose, Automotive Rubber Bellows, Rubber Boots, Rubber Bellow Boots, is an essential part of many different industrial systems. Silicone Rubber Bellows are designed to protect against dust, water, oil, grease, ac
  • [Liquid Silicone Rubber] What is a Nasal Cannula Prong?
    Nasal Cannula Prongs, also named as CPAP Nasal Prongs, Oxygen Nasal Prongs, which are mainly produce by LSR injection Molding for good quality with minimum parting line and flash. Silicone Nasal Cannula is designed for easy administration of oxygen into the patient nose through two small prongs plac
  • [Liquid Silicone Rubber] How does Silicone CPAP Mask Produce?
    How does Silicone CPAP Mask Produce?Silicone CPAP MaskSilicone CPAP Mask, also know as Silicone Oxygen Mask, Medical Silicone Mask, NIV Mask. Medical Grade Silicone Cushion is made of soft medical grade liquid silicone rubber/ LSR material and it is durable, flexible and comfortable as well as very
  • [Profession News] How does Duckbill Valve Play on a Breast Pump?
    Breast pump duckbill valve is also known as silicone duckbill valve, duckbill check valve, breast pump valve, valve membrane and duckbill pump valve, which is one way valve in the shape of a duck’s beak in aim to preserve the pump suction to allow milk to flow into the collection bottle, offer better output during breast pumping sessions and provide backflow prevention to breast pump(consisting of breast pump flange or pump breast shield, pump diaphragm, miniature duckbill valve, backflow protector, silicone breast milk collector, pump tubing, milk collection bottle). Pump duck bills are made of food grade silicone material, such as liquid silicone material, and widespreadly used in baby and maternal products.
  • What is the difference between CPAP Nasal Mask, Nasal Pillow Masks, Full Face CPAP Mask?
    What is the difference between CPAP Nasal Mask, Nasal Pillow Masks, Full Face CPAP Mask? CPAP Nasal Mask, Nasal Pillow Masks, Full Face CPAP Masks are generally produced by Liquid Silicone Injection Mold with FDA Medical Grade LSR material.While in the market, there are still some suppliers produce
  • [Profession News] What are the Types of Medical Check Valve |
    Medical Silicone Rubber Valve also knowns as Silicone Check Valve, Silicone One Way Valve, Rubber Non Return valve and Medical Diaphragm Flow Control Valve. Silicone rubber valves used in medical devices are generally duckbill, umbrella, disk, v-ball, combination and bi-directional valves. There are many considering factors, such as material and processing way, when deciding which medical valve is suitable for application.
  • [Profession News] How to choose between Silicone Valve and TPE Valve?
    Elastomer Valve is also known as Non-return Valve,One Way Valve, Back Pressure Flexible Check Valve, Air Flow Valve etc, which regulates, directs or controls the flow of a fluid. Our elastomer valves can be universally applied in many different applications, such as the health care, automotive, food
  • [Rubber Mushroom Valve] Which is better for umbrella valve: injection molding VS transfer molding VS compression molding?
    Umbrella Valve also knowns as Umbrella Valve Seals, Umbrella Check Valve, Rubber Umbrella Valve and Liquid Silicone Valves, is mainly made from high-tensile solid silicone (HTV) or liquid silicone rubber (LSR) materials, also made from other rubber materials like Neoprene, EPDM, Fluorosilicone, Nitriles etc. The production of silicone rubber umbrella valves involves a striking balance between efficiency and quality. To achieve this balance, different manufacturing processes must be considered and compared to determine which process better matches the product's particular needs.
  • [Rubber Mushroom Valve] Why umbrella valve deformation and how to prevent deformation?
    Umbrella Valve, known as Mushroom Valve, Umbrella Valve Seal or Umbrella Check Valve, which is a kind of one way valve in diaphragm shape for air or liquid pressure relief and backflow controls. It is generally made of high-tensile solid silicone (HTV) or liquid silicone rubber (LSR) materials, also made from other rubber materials like Neoprene rubber, EPDM, Fluorosilicone, FKM, Nitriles rubber etc. It is widely used in many areas for fluid control functions.
  • [Rubber Mushroom Valve] One Way Check Valve Types and Material Choice
    One Way Check Valve, also known as Flow Control Valve, Pressure Relief Valve, which is a device that only allows the flow of fluids in one direction. They have two ports, one as an inlet for the media and one as the output for the media. Since they only allow media flow in one direction, they are co
  • [Profession News] How Does A Dispensing Valve Work?
    Dispensing Valves, also known as Cross Slit Valves, Slit-cutting Valve, which are used to open at a pre-determined pressure and closing thereafter in order to dispense a medium once a certain threshold pressure is achieved. For example when dispensing product from a flexible shampoo bottle. When the
  • [Profession News] Custom Make Silicone Rubber Wire Grommet
    Rubber Wire Grommet, are also known as Rubber Cable Grommet, Cable Hole Grommet and Silicone Grommet for Wire, which are widely used to protect wires, tubes from harm of abrasion damage. Silicone rubber Grommets are also usually used as vibration dampers, finishing components and even spacers. When
  • [Manual Resuscitator] What Is the Difference Between Disposable PVC & Reusable Silicone Manual Resuscitator?
    Manual resuscitator is a self inflating resuscitation bag made by silicone or PVC material, also known as a BVM bag valve mask, Ambu resuscitator bag, manual ventilator bag for CPR ventilation. There are disposable and reusable manual resuscitator in infant, pediatric and adult sizes. We provide both PVC manual resuscitator and silicone manual resuscitator and their molds.
  • [Manual Resuscitator] Bag Valve Mask BVM Resuscitator for Ventilation
    BVM resuscitator, or bag valve mask, manual ventilator bag, AMBU bag, is a hand-held crucial self inflating breathing bag of CPR equipment. They are used primarily for resuscitation and manual ventilation to patients. We offer a variety of PVC disposable or silicone reusable bag valve masks (BVM) and manual resuscitator bags in sizes for adults, children, and infants.
  • [Rubber Duckbill Valve] Duckbill Resuscitator Valve in Non Rebreathing Patient Valve for Self Inflating Bag
    Resuscitator's duckbill valve also known as ventilator check valve, respiratory & respirator valve, one way breathing valve, which are usually used as medical non return check valve in non rebreathing patient valve, expiratory valve for respiratory device like manual resuscitator & respirator, CPR bag, self inflating bag, bag valve mask(BVM), manual resuscitation & ventilation bag like Ambu Bag, Laerdal resuscitator.
  • [Profession News] How Many Resuscitator Valves Are in BVM Ventilation Bag?
    BVM valve also can be called as resuscitator valve and Ambu Bag valve, which function as non return valve in self inflating manual resuscitator to control oxygen flowing for a breathing or non-breathing patient in an emergency situation. Ambu bag valve includes pop-off valve, pressure limiting valve, non-rebreathing patient valve, PEEP valve, and intake valve, consisting of plastic parts and rubber medical check valve like duckbill valve, umbrella valve​, diaphgram disc valve, expiratory valve.
  • [Rubber Duckbill Valve] How Does Duckbill Valve Work?
    How Does Duckbill Valve Work?Duckbill Valve is one-piece elastomeric component with flexible flaps& lips. By combination of elastomer rubber flexibility & softness and slit cutting function, Duckbill Valve provides the reliable tightest seal for backflow & leakage prevention at low-pressure fluid &
  • [Manual Resuscitator] Self Inflating Resuscitation Bag Production Issue & Solution
    Resuscitation Bag also known as self inflating bag, ventilation bag and resuscitation balloon. Manual resuscitation bag which have disposable and reusable type, is made from PVC, silicone or liquid silicone rubber. It is a part of manual resuscitator, ambu bag ventilator, bag valve mask, CPR bag in medical use. We are manufacturer of ambu bag parts, providing resuscitation bag production issue solution.
  • [Rubber Duckbill Valve] Duckbill Umbrella & Duckbill Flapper Combination Valve
    Duckbill umbrella valve & duckill fapper valve are combination valve which function as two way flow control valve, bidirectional valve. Duck bill umbrella valve refer to the valve with a duckbill valve in one side and a mushroom valve in another side while duckbill flapper valve is combined by a duckill walve and a flapper check valve. They are made of FDA / LFGB approved silicone material, widely used for sealing, flow controlling, liquid dispensing & air releasing.
  • [Rubber Duckbill Valve] Common Defects Duckbill Check Valve for Breast Pump & Drainage
    Common Defects Duckbill Valve & Duck bill Check Valve for breast pumps and drainage: like Medela, Spectra, Lansinoh, Zomee Pumps, Legendairy milk, Freemie duckbill, sewer pipes & water drain valves, Tideflex Check Valves and VacuFlush Toilet System etc. What's Duckbill Valve? Duckbill Bill Valve is one type of check valves & one-way valve with duck shaped bills & lips in aim to allow air or fluid liquid forward flow and also prevent back flow, which mainly made from silicone, liquid silicone rubber (LSR), EPDM, Buna n and other elastomer synthetic rubber. Duckbill Valve as a flow control check valve should have rigid sealing with low or high opening pressure demands after slit cutting. However, in daily life, we face too many problem about duckbill valve: Duckbill valve for Breast Milk Pump Duckbill valve for Drainage Duckbill Valve for Water Bottles
  • [Profession News] Is Silicone Rubber Antibacterial & Antimicrobial?
    Antibacterial & antimicrobial silicone, is a type silicone added with antibacterial agent or antimicrobial additives to enhance its resistance to bacteria. Due to FDA approved and biocompatible properties, it is ideal for producing antibacterial door handle covers, antibacterial toothbrush, phone case, keyboard cover, silicone face brush in medical device, daily and food industry.
  • [Liquid Silicone Rubber] What is Fluorosilicone (FVMQ) Rubber?
    Fluorosilicone (FVMQ, FSR) Rubber & Fluoro Liquid Silicone Rubber F-LSR is a variation of silicone elastomer which is noted for greater chemical compatibility and good fluid, oil resistance. Fluorosilicone data sheet, fluorosilicone VS silicone VS Viton are key to know the material properties. It is ideal for o-ring, gasket, seal, membrane valve in aerospace, automotive application.
  • [Rubber Mushroom Valve] Fluorosilicone VS. Silicone for Gasket Seal Valve
    Fluorosilicone VS. Silicone for Gasket Seal Valve: Fluorosilicone (FVMQ) is an elastomer which likes silicone (VMQ) offering excellent extreme temperature stability along with greater resistant to fuel, oil, petroleum based fluid, non-polar solvents, acid and alkaline chemicals similar to fluorocarbon rubber (FKM, FPM, Viton). Fluorosilicone gasket, seal, o-ring and check valve are widely used.
  • [Rubber Duckbill Valve] Duckbill Valve Case Study
    Duckbill Valve Duckbill Valve, also known as One Way Valve, Non-Return Valve, Duckbill Check Valve. Duckbill valves are unique, one-piece, elastomeric components that act as backflow prevention devices or one-way valves or check valves. They have elastomeric lips in the shape of a duckbill which pre
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