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Duckbill Valve

Duckbill Valve & Duckbill Check Valves, is one type of check valves & one-way valve with duck shaped bills & lips in aim to allow air or fluid liquid forward flow and also prevent backflow, which mainly made from silicone, LSR & liquid silicone rubber, EPDM, Buna n and other elastomeric synthetic rubber.

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silicone duckbill valve

Duckbill Check Valve

One Way Valve

Die Cutting for Duckbill Valve

Duckbill Valve as a flow control check valve which have rigid sealing and low or high opening pressure demands after slit cutting, is widely used in medical device, breast milk pump & baby care products, packaging bottles & food service, sanitray products like sewer pipes & drain valves and so on.

Duckbill Valves & Duckbill Check Valve, not only take full advantage of elastomer silicone rubber properties, but also make full use of slit valve appliance.


Duckbill Check Valves Quality, one depends on valves designs, materials & hardness choice, the other depends on slit cutting quality and equipment. 

When Design the Duckbill Valve slit cutting, there should be a flat surface on the slit cutting side as the followed picture shows, or the die-cutting tool can not positionning.

Flow Control Duckbill Valve Design Guide

Duckbill Valve Design Guide 

Duckbill Valves Manufacturing Process

Duckbill Valve Compression Molded Manufacturing Porcess

Duckbill Valve Production Process

Duckbill Valve LSR Injection Molded Manufacturing Process


Duckbill Valve Slit Cutting Manufacturing Process

Duckbill Sealing & Air Tightness Test

Duckbill Valve Quality Fast Test?

1. Ocular estimate by optical enlargement

2. Air Tightness Test after simple assembly

Medical Silicone Membrane

Medical Diaphragm

Mini Duckbill ValveDuckbill Check Valve Sealing Effectduckbill check valve cracking pressure

Our Duckbill Valves & Check Valves Production Advantage

Duckbill Check Valve1. Precision mold-making technology

2. Rich experience of check valve molded production and slit cutting (critical sealing function, high & lower opening pressure)

3. In-depth knowledge of elastomer valves for different application and usage

4. Clean room for rubber valves production and assembly.

5. Professional engineers, QC and sales team: one-way valve's flow control technology

6. One-stop service: Silicone Rubber, Plastic & LSR molded production, assembly and packaging.

7. Value-added serice for one-way valve designs support according to your ideas and requirement details.

What is duckbill valve common materials?

Silicone Valves (FDA food grade & medical grade)

LSR & Liquid Silicone Rubber Valves

Fluorosilicone & FVMQ Valves

EPDM Valves

Buna N & Nitrile Rubber Valves

LSR Duckbill Valve for breast pumpDuckbill Valve Breast Pump

Silicone Ducbill Valves & LSR Duckbill Valve, as a sealing gasket and air & liquid flow control check valves and nipple nozzles, which is widely used in Breast Pump for mother and baby care products, is mainly made from FDA grade high-elastic silicone or LSR materials by compression molding & LIM.

Duckbill Valves used in Breast Pump:


Philips Avent

Medela LLC's  Sonata

Spectra Duckbill Valve

Philips Avent

Hygeia EnHande Manual Breast Pump

Duckbill Valves for Medical Device & Equipment

medical membrane duckbill valveDuckbill Valve & Medical Silicone Lip Valve, generally, made from low compression and high-tear resistance silicone & LSR, as duck shaped lips should open at low air pressure for pressure relief, and  also critically close under higher air & hydraulic pressure for sealing & backflow functions.

Duckbill Valve, generally, as a lip check valve and membrane seals & gaskets, which combinated with silicone tubing and plastic tube connectors as a one way valve or flow control valve components, like:

Patient valve in manual resuscitator & respirator

CPR mask

Anesthesia apparatus & surgical eqipments 

Sleep monitor

Biocompatible silicone duckbill valve, like dispensing valve, also used in disposable syringes or medicine bottle stopper, as as a hypodermic needle's plunger & piston or plug seal. 

Duckbill Drain Valve

Duckbill Drain Valve & Duckbill Check Nozzles,  is one kinds of non return valve used in our daily life, which is designed to prevent

Common Duckbill Drain Valve materials: 

Silicone Duckbill Drain Valve: 

  • Good weather proof, 

  • Safe use with water, CO2, free of harmfull substances like cadmium etc.

  • FDA food grade materials

  • Working temperature: -40oC ~ 230oC

EPDM Duckbill Non Return Valve

  • Weather resistance better than silicone

  • EPDM rubber should can be treated with Chlorine and Chloramine for disinfection purposes. These chemicals can be detrimental to Elastomers causing degradation, swelling and compound break down.  (ideally tested with the ASTM D6284) 

  • Safe with Seawater

Rubber Duckbill Valve for Machine & Auto Parts

Rubber Duckbill ValveDuckbill check valves, also used in automobile accessory & machine parts , which not only made from silicone materials, mostly made from fluorosilicone & FVMQ, HNBR, NBR, EPDM synthetic rubber materials, as working conditions and special properties demands. 

Notes: Silicone materials disadvantage: not good with oil and strong acid | alkali |oxidant, and also not good tear and abrasive resistance etc.

FVMQ duckbill valves: have good with oil and strong acid | alkali |oxidant, and also have common silicone advantage like working temperature: -40oC ~ 230oC

More surf other rubber duckbill valve information.

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