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LSR Injection Molding

LSR Injection Molding, also known as Liquid Silicone Molding Liquid Silicone Rubber Molding, which is also called Liquid Silicone Rubber Injection Molding and Liquid Silicone Mold which is used to produce liquid silicone rubber seal, LSR baby products or medical & infant products by Liquid silicon injection moudling machines. Not by traditional silicone rubber compression machines using traditional production method, but by liquid silicone rubber injection mold production, which is safer, preciser & more environmentally friendly & transparent, using less manpower, and having high production efficiency compared with silicone rubber compression mold.

LSR Medical Parts

LSR Mold

LSR Injection Molding Machine

1.Common Compression Molding Machine

2.Horzontal LSR injection Molding Machine

 LSR Injection Molding Machine

3.Vertical LSR Injection Molding Machine, usually used for two-shot molding, such as for molding for combining metal & plastic parts and over-molding.

Liquid Silicone Injection Machine

LSR Injection Molding Tool Design Points

There will be some problems when manufacturing liquid silicone mold and producing liquid silicone products.  It is stuck in the large surface area of the mold cavity. So when making Liquid Silicone Mold, we should pay attention to:

1. Shrinkage Rate

Although liquid silicone rubber does not shrink in molds, it usually shrink by 2.5 to 3 after stripping from the mold and cooling. 

2. The parting line

Due to the low viscosity of liquid silicone rubber , the parting line must be accurate to avoid overflow. Even so, boundaries can often be seen on the final product. The liquid silicone mold is affected by the product's geometry size and the position of the parting surface. A slightly chamfered product design helps to ensure that the product has a consistent affinity with the desired half chamber.

LSR Mold Tooling

LSR Injection Molding

LSR Injection Molding Experience

LSR Injection Molding for Baby Nipple

                   LSR Straw Cap                                                                             LSR Baby Nipple

Silicone Baby Toothbrush

                    Silicone Toothbrush                                                            LSR Silicone Finger Toothbrush

Silicone Breast Pump

                        Silicone Breast Pump                                                              LSR Suction Breast Pump

Full Face Mask

         LSR Cushion for Full Face Mask                                                       LSR Cushion for Nasal Mask

LSR Silicone Injection Mold

                                  LSR Cannula                                                                   Liquid Silicone Baby Nipples

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