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Silicone Rubber Gasket


Silicone Rubber Gasket, also known as Rubber Seal, Rubber Washers or Rubber Gasket Sheet, is a sealing product for preventing leakage (of air, chemicals, gases, oil or liquids) from or into the joined objects while under compression. Rubber Sealing Gaskets are also used for forming tight seals between two components.

Silicone Rubber Gasket is mainly produced by compression mold, extrusion mold and liquid injection mold.  


Silicone Rubber Gasket can be used for a wide range of industries and applications:

FDA Approved Silicone Rubber Gaskets for the food processing industry

Such as in food processing, beverage, dairy, meat packing.

Liquid Silicone Rubber Gasket.jpg

Silicone Rubber Gaskets for medical industry

Medical Sealing Gasket are commonly used in medical devices and pharmaceutical sealing, like silicone valves and butyl rubber stoppers.

Silicone Valve Gasket.jpg

Medical Stopper.jpg

Silicone Rubber Gaskets for the electronics industry

Electrical enclosure gaskets, NEMA enclosure gaskets, IP standard gaskets are all designed for indoor and outdoor electronic sealing applications.

Such as Electronic housing sealing gasket, Backing adhesive silicone rubber sealing gasket.

Rubber Housing Gasket.jpg

 Backing Adhesive Rubber Sealing.jpg

Rubber Sealing Gaskets for the Pump and Valve Industry

Such as Pump Seals and Valve Seals

Rubber Pump Sealing Gasket.jpg

Rubber Gaskets for the Oil & Gas industry

NBR Rubber Oil seals in Oil Pumps, Rubber gas seals for air pumps, rubber Hydraulic & Pneumatic Sealing Gasket for Hydraulic pumps and Pneumatic Pumps.

Rubber Oil Gasket.jpg

Rubber Gaskets can be manufactured in a wide range of rubber materials and compounds as following:

Neoprene Gaskets (CR) are used for harsh environment applications due to its moderate resistance to oil and petroleum base solvents.

Silicone Gasket is a high-performance elastomer with exceptional high and low temperature properties. 

FDA Silicone gasket are widely used for food processing. 

Liquid silicone (FDA, LFGB etc) is for cup, bottles, pan products and medical device, like respiratory products etc.

EPDM Gasket exhibits its distinctive ability to stabilize color and resist harsh weather conditions, which makes it ideal choice for outdoor applications.

Nitrile Gasket (NBR) provides superior resistance to petroleum-based fluids, hydraulic fluids, gasoline, alkalis and acids, which is ideal choice for applications requiring oil and solvent resistance.

Natural Rubber Gasket (NR), also referred to as “gum rubber”, has superior resilience, high resistance to tear and abrasion, tensile strength, good compression set, and molding properties. Natural rubber is soft and displays good flexing qualities at low temperatures.

SBR Gasket has properties similar to NR, which is commonly used because of its cost-efficient and ability to deform to uneven flange edges.

Viton Gaskets (FKM) is known for its outstanding resistance to high temperature and broad range of chemicals.

Butyl Gasket has exceptionally low gas, air and moisture permeability, which commonly used in sealing medicine vials and bottles.

Neoprene Rubber Gasket.jpg

NBR Rubber Gasket.jpg



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