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Silicone Exhalation Valve in Ventilator

Exhalation Valve also called as Expiratory valve, Umbrella valve and Membrane valve, is a kind of one-way valve, check valve and non-return valve that are widely used as sealing parts in backflow prevention devices for controlling air or liquid flow in one direction and check flow in the opposite direction.
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Exhalation Valve Description:

Exhalation Valve also called as expiratory valve, umbrella valve and membrane valve, is a kind of one-way valve, check valve and non-return valve that are widely used as sealing parts in backflow prevention devices for controlling air or liquid flow in one direction and check flow in the opposite direction. Silicone Exhalation Valve is commonly applied in ventilator or manual resuscitator that connects with the face mask and patient breathing circuit in medical devices, thus effectively facilitating the one-way air flow out and prevent the oxygen from being contaminated by external air.

Exhalation Valve

Exhalation Valve’s Design and Working Principle: 

Though being used in different fields, the working principle of umbrella valves is the same. As for Silicone Exhalation Valve, it’s composed of a umbrella shape Membrane or Diaphragm, a stem and a hook, hence also being called Membrane Valve or Diaphragm Valve. Owing to the requirements of air’s inlet and outlet, a Silicone Exhalation Valve should be designed by different shape, size, thickness, and materials, and tested by different air pressure release, so as to make sure it can be opened and closed by the minimum air pressure. And Pressure drop across the valve is controlled by the modulus of material, effective flow area, the amount of preload on the sealing edge, and the thickness of the umbrella skirt section. 

Ventilator Valve

Exhalation Valve’s Function:

Exhalation Valve(Umbrella Valve) and also Duckbill Valve are usually equipped with one-way patient breathing valve that connects to the silicone mask, the intake&reservoir bag in Ventilator, or in Disposable Anesthesia Circuit of a Anesthesia Machine.

Facilitating patient’s co-effective air breathing is the main function of the Exhalation Valve that used in medical devices like Manual Respiratory, Resuscitator, Ventilator and Anesthesia Machine. Usually there are two kinds of Umbrella Valves equipped in the device, one is the Exhalation Valve (Expiratory Valve)for air exhaling out of patient’s lung and and the other is Inhalation Valve(Inspiratory) for Oxygen breathing into lung, as well as preventing air from returning back.  

silicone umbrella valve

Umbrella Valve Application:

In Medical Field: 

In virtue of its Air Check and Pressure Release function, Exhalation Valves are widely applied in many different fields, including one-way check valves for exhalation in ventilator and air-release valve for Ventilator and Manual Resuscitator, Disposable Breathing Masks, Disposable Anesthesia Circuit, and numerous other flow control functions in medical devices.

In Automatic industry:

In addition, other type of umbrella valves can be functioned as vessel vent valves and such as for automotive fuel tanks and diaphragm pumps,portable fluid pumping device like micro air pump, and micro pump.

In Daily Supplies:

Silicone Umbrella valves are also used as pressure release valve in home appliances like coffee machine, toys, ect,.

silicone umbrella valves


Depending on different application areas, the material of umbrella valves are diverse. For Silicone Exhalation Valve applied in medical field, the chosen material should reach the FDA Medical Grade and good Biocompatibility. And attached is the common material used in Umbrella Valve that classified by its application.

In Medical FieldSilicone material VMQ are usually used in medical umbrella valves like Silicone Exhalation Valve and Duckbill Valve in Ventilator, Manual Resuscitator. With its good biocompatibilty and high tensile elastic, VMQ material are generally resistant to Moderate or Oxidizing Chemicals, Concentrated Ozone, and Sodium Hydroxide, thus achieving the effect of sterilization.

In Automatic FieldFluoro-silicone FVMQ, Fluoro- Elastomer FKM that resistant to Moderate or Oxidizing Chemicals, Concentrated Ozone, Acids, Hydrocarbons, oils are often produced with valves which are used in fuel tanks and pumps.

Besides, the hardness and working temperature range of a material also affects the use of the product. Attached is the specifications and applications of silicone rubber materials.

Rubber Valve

According to your needs, Our company Xiamen Better Silicone can also provide above mentioned materials to make and customize high quality Umbrella Check Valves and Silicone Exhalation Valves in various field of use by Compression Molding or Liquid Injection Molding.

Silicone Exhalation Valve

Compression Molded Valve

Flapper Valve


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