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Customize Self Adhesive Silicon Gasket

Self Adhesive Silicon Gasket, also called Self Adhesive Silicon cover & Backing Adhesive Pads, which is made of elastomeric silicone rubber materials with backed double side tapes & films by die-cutting. One of popular adhesive tape is 3M backed adhesive tape & film.
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Self Adhesive Silicon Gasket

Self Adhesive Silicon Gasket, also called Self Adhesive Silicon cover & Backing Adhesive Pads, which is made of elastomeric silicone rubber materials with backed double side tapes & films by die-cutting. One of popular adhesive tape is 3M backed adhesive tape & film.

Backed Adhesive Rubber Gasket.jpg

Self Adhesive Silicon Gasket Material

Adhesive Backed Rubber Materials:  Adhesive EPDM gasket, self adhesive Nitrile & Buna-n gasket, Backed Neoprene gasket, Backing Adhesive Silicone gasketNatural Rubber gasket, backed adhesive EPDM  stripes & gasket, self adhesive neoprene sheets & cushions, adhesive backed buna a sealing gaskets, Adhesive Natural Rubber & Silicone Mats etc

Notes: Some rubber materials is not suit to sticky & backing adhesive tape & gum.

Working      Temperature
Abrasion Resistance
Aging Weathering Ozone
Oil&Grease Resistance
Electric      Insulation
NBR Gasket
Poor Perfect Poor
Silicon Gasket
10~90° -40℃~230℃ Poor
Perfect Good Perfect
CR Gasket
30~80° -40℃~120℃ Good Good Good Good
NR Gasket
40~80° -50℃~90℃ Perfect
Average Good
FKM Gasket
50~90° -5℃~300℃ Perfect Perfect Perfect Average

Self Adhesive Silicon Gasket Usage

Silicone Rubber Gasket with backed adhesive tape, in aim to improve electronic products or & device dust-proof & water-proof functions. Waterproof and anti-dust grade like: IP55, IP56, IP57, IP65, IP66, IP 67 etc.

Self Adhesive Conductive (Cloth) Rubber Gasket & Sheets, which stick to electronic' PCB, in aim to reduces or eliminates the EMI & RFI (electro magnetic interference or Radio Frequency Interference) noise which is often associated with electronics.

Self Adhesive Pads & Cushions (Sheets), can be printed and used as silicone rubber labels or tags.

Self Adhesive Silicone Sleeves & Covers, as a electronic shell skins or housing protective covers with matte smooth coating, can improve electronics or remote controller level, and also have good touch feels, anti-dust & water proof functions. Like Adhesive Backing Handle Grips, Backed Adhesive Electronic Shell & Housing Cover & Sleeves, Membrane Silicone KeyboardCover, Self Adhesive Silicone Keyboards, Membrane Switches

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Self Adhesive Silicon Gasket Manufacturing Process: 

1. Making Silicone Rubber Compression Mold.
2. After finishing mold-making, producing silicone rubber samples for test. If dimensions are OK, sending the whole piece of silicone products to factory for dealing with silicone glue & tapes.

If big silicone rubber products, burring firstly, and then deal with silicone glue.
If small silicone rubber parts, generally dealing with silicone glue firstly, and then choose fixture tooling ( die-cutting) to burring. Or removing the big barbs, and then deal with the silicone glue, finally fixture tooling (die-cutting) to de-burring.

3. Knowledge of Self Adhesive Backed Tape Process

a. Paste double sided silicone 3m tape with the anti-adhesive sides of anti-adhesive paper;
b. Cutting the inner round holes by cutting die;        

c. Silicone products are coated with silica gel treatment agent; (Notes: silica gel treatment agent should be even/ well-distributed; and should not coat on the surface of silicone products)

d. Accurate placed stick double sides silicone 3m tape, the surface of 3m tepe should be even.

 (Notes: should not be a little off; and should not have bubble.)

e. Next Die Cutting for dis-burring & remove silicone rubber flashing

f. After finishing die cutting, check if have less materials or not clear cutting.

g. Test the finished products by 3D projects and amplification instrument

h. Before packaging, check the silicone glue one by one.

Adhesive Backed Tape Silicone Gasket.jpg

Xiamen Better Silicone Co.,Ltd, which not only can make silicone rubber compression mold, plastic injection mold and LSR injection molding, but also can produce different kinds of silicone rubber & plastic components or sealing gasket with adhesive backing:

Nitrile & Buna n adhesive backed gasket & seal

EPDM self adhesive sealing gasket

Neoprene & CR seal with self adhesive double sides tape

Adhesive Backed silicone rubber keypads & membrane keyboard

Backing Adhesive silicone keypads with metal domes

Adhesive silicone rubber sleeves, covers & skins.


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