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Common Defects Duckbill Check Valve for Breast Pump & Drainage

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Common Defects Duckbill Check Valve for Breast Pump & Drainage

What's Duckbill Valve? 

Duckbill Bill Valve is one type of check valves & one-way valve with duck shaped bills & lips in aim to allow air or fluid liquid forward flow and also prevent back flow, which mainly made from silicone, liquid silicone rubber (LSR), EPDM, Buna n and other elastomer synthetic rubber.  

Duckbill Valve as a flow control check valve should have rigid sealing with low or high opening pressure demands after slit cutting. However, in daily life, we face too many problem about duckbill valve

  • Duckbill valve for Breast Milk Pump

  • Duckbill valve for Drainage

  • Duckbill Valve for Water Bottles Cap

Liquid Silicon Rubber Duckbill valve Breast Pump

What's the root cause of duckbill check valve defects?

Duckbill Valve Die-cutting Mould Problem:

  • Silicon rubber flashing remain in slit-cutting location will affect duckbill check valves sealing effects.

  • Issue of Die-cutting mould positioning

  • Cut silicone rubber materials out of valves, that will like spraying nozzle and cant prevent backflow function.

  • Small gaps & not cutting (knife tooling is blunt or insufficient strength die-cutting)

Slit Cutting Duckbill Valve

Die-cutting Mould for Duckbill ValveDuckbill Check Valve Defects

Duckbill Valve Materials Choice and Processing: Rebound Resilience

  • High-tensile & elastic silicone and LSRRaw rubber content of rubber materials will affect check rebound resilience. Generally, high-tensile strength silicone and liquid silicone LSR is better sealing effect. 

  • Silicone Hardness Problems: Different hardness will affect rebound resilience

  • Vulcanization Problems: Many manufacturers would not like deal with secondary cure process after molded production in aim to save processing cost. Without additional vulcanization, physical properties of silicone can't achieve desired effects, and also harmful materials or elements easily remains in silicone duckbill valve.

Duckbill Check Valve Design Problem

  • Duck Bill Shaped Angle

  • Silicone Duckbill Thickness

  • Cutting-place width and thickness

  • Duckbill Valve Design GuideSilicone Membrane Duckbill Valve

Duckbill Valve Packing Problem

Compression Deformation: Packaging bags filled with air in aim to avoid deformation when delivery


What have we done for customers about duckbill check valve?

In-depth knowledge of die-cutting tools for slit cutting valve

In-depth knowledge of elastomer silicone rubber materials as duckbill check valve

Rich production experience: silicone rubber compression molded & liquid silicone injection molded production, slit-cutting process, and packing information

In-depth knowledge of fluid- and air- fluid flow control technology

Experienced R&D engineers for duckbill check valves moldability  analysis, design improvement, draw 2D & 3D design duckbill drawings according to tubing connectors or assembled samples.

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