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Rubber Duckbill Drain Valve

Rubber Duckbill valves, Rubber Duckbill Check Valve, Rubber Duck Valve , is one kind of non-return valves, slit valve, check valve or one way valve, which is unique, one-piece silicone rubber components that act as backflow prevention devices or check valves, and elastic lips which in aim to prevent backflow or allow forward flows.

Rubber Duckbill Drain Valve

Rubber Duckbill Drain Valve, also known as Duckbill Drain Valve, Silicone Drain Valve, Flanged Duckbill Drain ValveRubber Duckbill Drain Valve was named by its shape, under the condition of no internal pressure, the duck beak outlet closed under its own elasticity. As the internal pressure gradually increases, the outlet of the duck's beak gradually increases, and the liquid can be discharged at a high velocity.

Rubber Duckbill Drain Valve

Rubber Duckbill Drain Valve Application

Rubber Duckbill Drain Valve is mainly used in waterproof system, drainage system, water pump outlet, lifting pump station and liquid aeration system.The Rubber Duckbill Drain Valve body has an all-rubber design that prevents silting and sticking, reduces maintenance costs, and allows solid particles to pass through smoothly. Flanged Duckbill Drain Valve body manufacturing materials: neoprene, nitrile rubber and ethylene propylene rubber.

Flow Control Valves

Rubber Duckbill Drain Valve Material

1. EPDM Duckbill Drain Valve have good characteristics of resistance to heat, aging, weather resistance, excellent electrical insulation properties, good chemical resistance and impact elasticity, EPDM is a saturated polymer basically and can be in long-term operation under 150℃.

2. Buna N & Nitrile Rubber Duckbill Drain Valve is resistant to oil (especially alkane oil) and has good aging resistance. NBR has excellent oil resistance, can be used for long time in the air of 120 ℃ or in the oil of 150℃. While their cold tolerance and storage stability are not very well.

3. Neoprene Rubber/ CR Drain Valve features good Physical Properties, Oil resistance, heat & flame resistance, sunlight resistance, ozone resistance, acid and alkali resistance and chemical resistance.

4. Fluorosilicone & FVMQ Duckbill Drain Valves have good resistance of oil and strong acid | alkali |oxidant, and also have common silicone advantage like working temperature: -40oC ~ 230oC








Oil & Grease 


Nitrile Rubber    Duck Valve
Buna n & NBR Duck Valve

30 ~ 90     

 Shore A

Silicone Rubber Check Valve

VMQ Check     


10 ~ 90      

Shore A

-40℃~230℃ Poor Perfect Good
Polyurethane      Duckbill Valve

PU Duckbill    


30 ~ 90      

Shore A

-30℃~100℃ Perfect Perfect Poor

Neoprene Rubber  Duck Valve

CR Duck Valve

30 ~ 80     

Shore A

-40℃~120℃ Good Good Good
Natural Rubber Check Valve NR Check    Valve

40 ~ 80    

 Shore A

-50℃~90℃ Perfect Average Average
Viton & Fluororubber  Duckbill  Valve

FKM & FPM    

Duckbill Valve

50 ~ 90      

Shore A

-50℃~300℃ Perfect Perfect Perfect
Sponge Rubber    one way Valve Foamed Rubberone way Valve

28 ~ 33     

 Shore A

-10℃~80℃ Average
Average Average

Duckbill Valves

Xiamen Better Silicone Company, which making rubber compression molding & liquid silicone rubber injection mold, and produce different types silicone air & liquid controller valves.
1. Precision Own Mold-Making Technology since 1998, one stop service for silicone rubber compression molded components, plastic injection molded and liquid silicone rubber molding components.
2. In-depth knowledge of elastomeric materials molded

3. In-depth knowledge of fluid control technology.
4. Mature Experience of avoid out of shape and damage from Production to Shipment: Materials Choice, Design Improvement and Packing Information.
5. Rapid prototyping with full sizes production equipment and production materials.
6. Experienced clean room and precision manufacturing technology.

xiamen better silicone Rubber co,ltd

Rubber Duckbill Valves Fast quotation:
a. Offer 2D, 3D designs drawings, samples or tell us your ideas.
b. Materials demands: Solid Silicone or Liquid silicone rubber
c. Materials Class demands: food grade or medical grade materials
c. Hardness demands: 10-80 Shore A ( Durometer)
d. Working environment: Like Working temperature, flow chemical environment etc.
e. Production environment Demands: If need clear room
f. Package Requirement: If need Air in packing bag to prevent deformation or damage etc.

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