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Xiamen Better Silicone Rubber Co.,Ltd arranged a trip

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Xiamen Better Silicone Rubber Co.,Ltd arranged a trip to Hong Cun and Huangshan scenic spots in Anhui province of China, for enjoying the beautiful rivers and mountains of our country. This is the welfare treatment for every member. The top management hope that everyone can have a good rest and relax ourselves, and then back into the better work and life. 


Huangshan: dual heritage, world cultural and natural world geological park, national AAAAA level traveling scenic area, national scenic area, the national civilized scenery tourist area demonstration site, the Chinese top ten famous mountains, world a mountain.

Huangshan (1)

Huangshan, located in the southern city of huangshan, anhui province, has 72 peaks. The main peak, lotus peak, is 1864 meters above sea level.Huangshan is the symbol of anhui tourism and the only mountain scenery among the top ten scenic spots in China.

Huangshan (2)

Huangshan formerly known as "black hair mountain", because of the peak rock black, from the distance to see the cangdai.After the legend of the yellow emperor xuanyuan in this alchemy, so renamed "huangshan."The landscape of huangshan is characterized by "four unique waterfalls" and "four unique waterfalls" : odd pine, strange rocks, sea of clouds and hot springs.Three organ: human - character organ, baizhangquan, Kowloon organ.Huangshan greeting pine is the symbol of anhui people's warm and friendly, carrying the Oriental etiquette culture of embracing the world.

Huangshan (3)

Xidi and hongcun are world cultural heritage sites and national AAAAA tourist attractions.XiDi, hong cun located in huangshan city in anhui province yixian county, is the most representative in south anhui local-style dwelling houses two ancient villages, with idyllic pastoral scenery, well-preserved, exquisite workmanship, has been gloriously enrolled local-style dwelling houses and villages form is famous for its rich historical culture connotation, is known as "the village" in the painting.

Xidi (2)Xidi (1)

Established during the reign of emperor youyou of the northern song dynasty, the western postal service developed in the middle of jingtai of the Ming dynasty and reached its peak in the early qing dynasty.The length of east and west is 700 meters, the width of north and south is 300 meters, and there are over 300 households with a population of more than 1,000.Because the village side has the water west flow, and because of the ancient Courier station to deliver mail, hence the name "western delivery", known as "peach garden in the family".

hongcun (1)hongcun (2)

Hongcun was built in the southern song shaoxi years, the former wang family name sett

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