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How does Duckbill Valve Play on a Breast Pump?

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Breast Pump Duckbill Valve

Breast pump duckbill valve is also known as breast pump valve, which is one way valve in the shape of a duck's beak in aim to preserve the pump suction to allow milk to flow into the collection bottle, offer better output during breast pumping sessions and provide backflow prevention to breast pump(consisting of breast pump flange or pump breast shield, pump diaphragm, miniature duckbill valve, backflow protector, silicone breast milk collector, pump tubing and milk collection bottle). Pump duck bills are made from food grade silicone material, such as liquid silicone rubber material or solid silicone, and wide spreadly used in baby and maternal products. Many  breast pump valves of mother-baby brands are made of liquid silicone rubber material, for instance:

Breast Pump Valves Medela

Lansinoh breast pump valves

valve pigeon breast pump

avent breast pump valve

spectra pump duckbill valve

Duckbill Valve Breast Pump

How does silicone duckbill valve work on breast pump?

First, if want to know how silicone duckbill valve work on breast pump , it is significance to know the struction of breast pump. Breast pump is made of breast pump flange or pump breast shield and breast pump diaphragm, duckbill valve, backflow protector, silicone breast milk collector, tubing and milk collection bottle. Duckbill check valve is installed into breast shield kit. 

breast pump valve

Second, the duckbill will open and close with the suction from the pump. As the“beak”of the duck valve opens, milk can drip from the flange into the milk collection bottle without the need to go back to the motor unit through the air tubes. When it closes, it prevents backflow of milk and airborne nasties from entering the pump tubing.

silicone duckbill valve work principle shce

Third, duckbill one way valve is designed to increase suction and provide better output during breast pumping sessions while preventing backflow contamination. Moreover this closed system helps to prevent the loss of vitamins, minerals and other precious nutrients in breast milk.

silicone valve breast pump

What are the benefits of duckbill valve breast pump?

●The unique design, preventing backflow

●Better seal and suction, giving better output.

●Easy to clean and sterilize.

●Easy to install and remove, lasting longer, thanks to its one-piece design.

●Durable and suitable for most breast pumps in the market.

●FDA compliance for food contacts.

breast pump valve membrane

Food Grade Duckbill Check Valve for Breast Pump

Why need to replace breast pump valve?

Avoid Low Milk Supply and Low Breast Milk Output

One of the major causes of lower milk supply is Worn-out breast pump parts. This is because worn-out parts can lead to a decrease in breast pump suction. If noticing a decrease in suction, the first thing you should do is to check for gaping or cracking valves, as this decreases the vacuum suction strength. There is an easy solution that replacing silicone valve, which could help increase the milk output.

Prevent Mold and Bacterial Growth

Also, miniature duckbill check valve may become cracked or form crevices by frequently breast pumping and sanitizing parts that stretched and worn out . In this situation, it is easier for residue, bacteria and mold to build up in. So new duckbill control valves help keep breastmilk cleaner!

How often should change duckbill check valve?

It is generally every 8-12 weeks to replace silicone check valve, depending on cleaning and use, to get the best performance of breast pump.

Duckbill pump valve production guide:

Durometer/ Shore A: The hardness of this type of silicone one way valve is recommended to make 40A. If 60A-70A, it is not easy for demold, the production efficiency will be low, and defective rate will be higher than 40A. Thus unit price will be higher.

Incision:  If want the sealing effect to be better, we suggest to make the slit cutting size smaller rather cut the whole length.

Die-cutting Tool need to be sharp enough so that it can cut the silicone thoroughly to avoid die-cutting burrs in valve slit and to avoid the incision doesn't close well. With blunt tool, the duckbill check valve slit is easy to have flashing in the slit and even make the slit into a gap, fully opened.

The operating techniques can also affect whether the slit can be cut well. Generally, for the first time, the slit should be cut perfectly, otherwise it will leave burrs if proceed with the next cutting.

Second Vulcanization: Second vulcanization process, which focus on time and temperature to make sure full vulcanization, is generally suggested to make sure product safety. Moreover the secondary cure can move away low molecular to achieve more stable products' performance than without secondary cure.

miniature duckbill valve

Silicone Duckbill Check Valve

Duckbill Pump Valves

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