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How to make liquid silicone rubber

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Compared with solid high temperature vulcanized silicone rubber, liquid silicone rubber has good fluidity, fast vulcanization, more safety and environmental protection, and can completely meet the requirements of food grade.Liquid silica gel has excellent anti-tearing strength, resilience, anti-yellowing property, thermal stability, heat resistance and aging resistance. It is mainly used for children's products, medical products and electronic products (buttons).

Liquid silicone rubber can be used for coating, impregnation and perfusion.Such as viscosity of 0.07 ~ 50 mpa seconds / 25 ℃ hydroxy end capping of poly dimethyl siloxane, using methyl vinyl pyrrolidone silane for the chain extension agent, organic peroxides, such as two benzoyl peroxide, 25 - dimethyl base 5-2 tertiary butyl peroxide hexane as vulcanizing agent, this kind of rubber good liquidity, low viscosity, in the vulcanization process of chain growth reaction at the same time, it can obtain high molecular weight of the elastomer, has the good physical and mechanical properties.Chain extension agent methyl vinyl pyrrolidone silane, can be composed with methyl vinyl pyrrolidone dichloride silane reaction and, in the presence of triethylamine between product easy to hydrolysis, therefore, should be stored in dry sealed container, the compound of pyrrolidone base at room temperature with polydimethylsiloxane hydroxyl-terminated slow reaction, the reaction rate increases with temperature and speed up.In theory, the reaction can proceed continuously until an infinite molecular weight is obtained.Vinyl in methyl vinyl pyrrolidone silane can also be used as the activation point of vulcanization reaction, which can promote polydimethylsiloxane crosslinking and generate high molecular weight elastomers.Because the reaction between pyrrolidone group and hydroxyl group is very slow at room temperature, the adhesive materials mixed with each component have a long application period. The viscosity of the adhesive remains basically unchanged within 1 hour, but it still maintains good fluidity and can be injected into small pores.After mixing the rubber when heated to 150 ℃ for 10 minutes sulfide into elastomer.

LSR liquid silicone baby nipple manufacturer

Injection molding liquid silicone rubber (LSR) : full name of injection molding liquid silicone rubber, vulcanizing equipment for injection molding machine.Injection molding machine has A technological process is very simple, need not be in the process of high temperature glue ingredients, mixing, blanking, material and process, only one of the workers take products), high precision products (molding before all the manual program be replaced by A machine), high output (A/B glue mixing under A certain temperature for A few seconds to shape), save people, save electricity, save material and so on many advantages, can produce all the products of high temperature glue!It is a mainstream of the development of silicone rubber materials in the next few years.

liquid silicone rubber advantages

Liquid silicone English abbreviation LSR, can is a kind of hot products for consumers and manufacturers, liquid silica gel is made by silicone products, with good elasticity and waterproof moisture resistance, acid resistance, alkali and other chemical erosion, so generally used in alternative life plastic products, such as silica gel bottles is to compare a liquid silicone product selling and popular.At the same time, liquid silica gel is also a kind of silica gel material used in human surgery, which cannot be separated from the plastic industry and the physiotherapy industry. Liquid silica gel does not contain any harmful substances and is not easy to deform.

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