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Ink Printing Conductive Keypad

Conductive Ink Printing Keypads, also known as conductive transfer printing keypad, which is printed by ink or conductive carbon ink rather than black graphite pads, carbon pills. The conductive or contacts zones of Conductive Ink Printing Keypads don’t have to be regular shape, circular ring shape or rectangular shaped, etc are both OK. The bigger the conductive printing area is, the less electric resistance Conductive Ink Printing Keypad will be.

Conductive Keypad

Conductive Keypads (Ink Printing Conductive Keypad), a type of silicone keypad, also known as conductive transfer printing keypad, Conductive Ink Printing Keypads, which is printed by ink or conductive carbon ink rather than black graphite pads, carbon pills. The conductive or contact zones of Conductive Keypads don’t have to be regular shape, circular ring shape or rectangular shaped, other shapes are both OK. The bigger the conductive paint area is, the less electric resistance Conductive Ink Printing Keypad will be.

Conductive Ink Printing Keypads.jpg

Conductive Keypad Materials 

1. Graphite Pads & Black Carbon Pills         
2. Electrically Conductive Printing Ink
3. Metal Domes
4. Golden Pills & Copper Pads
5. Nickle Pills

Conductive material contains carbon powder, silver powder, copper powder, gold powder and other conductive metals. Different types and ratios of conductive metals have different resistance effect. The thicker the conductive ink is, the less electric resistance Conductive Keypad will be.

conductive ways.png

Conductive ink printed tool.jpgConductive ink printing tool.jpg

Why choose conductive printing oil & ink as silicone keypads contact?

1. There is no limitation of conductive keypad contact area's shape.

2. Conductive Ink Printing Keypad can be reworked.

3. Conductive Keypad via conductive ink printing is more cost economic then metal domes, golden pills & nickle pills.                           

Xiamen Better Silicone Co.,Ltd---- Professional Silicone rubber keypads & keyboard manufacturer and suppliers.
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epoxy rubber keypad.jpg     laser .jpg

              Epoxy Coating Keypad                                                           Laser Etched Keypad

 custom tv remote control keypad.jpg        rubber keymat.jpg

      Fluorescent Silicone Keypad                                                         Silk Screen Printing Keypad

metal dome keypad.jpg        key cover.jpg

                      Metal Dome Keypad                                                            Plastic Key Cover

Typical Physical Property

Rubber Key.jpg

Typical Force/Stroke Curve

Silicone keyboard.jpg

Keypad Contact Types

keypad contacts.jpg

Keypad Legend Types and Surface Treatment

Rubber keypad.jpg

Travel/Stroke Sketch

Silicone Button.jpg

Keypad Drawings Information

rubber keyboard.jpg


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