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Self-Adhesive Gaskets

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Xiamen Better Silicone Co.,Ltd,  manufacture self-adhesive gaskets, silicon rubber gaskets and adhesive gasket materials for a range of industries and operating conditions. If you need technical advice on the right gasket and adhesive to use for your application then please do not hesitate to contact us.

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What are self-adhesive gaskets?

Self-adhesive gasket is made of elastomeric silicone rubber materials with backed double side tapes & films by die-cutting. One of popular adhesive tape is 3M backed adhesive tape & film, which have been covered with an adhesive backing. ‘Release paper’ covers the adhesive and preserves its integrity until it is ready to be used. When it is time for the peel and stick gasket to be installed, the release paper is peeled off and the gasket is fixed to the surface where it is being fitted. The adhesive is used generally as an aid to fitting or assembly, rather than to perform any other structural or sealing function.

Why use a self-adhesive gasket?

Silicone Rubber Gasket with backed adhesive tape, in aim to improve electronic products or & device dust-proof & water-proof functions. Waterproof and anti-dust grade like: IP55, IP56, IP57, IP65, IP66, IP 67 etc.

Self Adhesive Conductive Rubber Gasket & Sheets, which stick to electronic' PCB, in aim to reduces or eliminates the EMI & RFI (electro magnetic interference or Radio Frequency Interference) noise which is often associated with electronics.

Self-adhesives are, therefore, generally used to help keep the gasket in place until the flange bolts are sufficiently tight – to stop slippage or deformity of the gasket during the sealing process. Adhesive backed gaskets are also used on removable panels (in, for example, electrical switchgear cabinets), where the cabinet requires a gasket to increase IP rating.  Adhesive gaskets are commonly used in electronics (for example in LCD screens). Machine manufacturers, such as injection moulders and milling machines, used gaskets internally to perform certain functions (mounting, etc.). These gaskets are typically mounted with adhesive to ensure that they stay in the same place. On some exceptionally large gaskets self-adhesive is used to make them easier to keep in place whilst the flange bolts are tightened.

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