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Silicone Glass Tubing Sleeve

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Silicone Glass Tubing Sleeve, also known as Glass Tube SleeveSilicone Sleeve for Vape Mods, Silicone Sleeve for Glass Tube. The glass or stainless steel material tube in our daily life are not convenient to hold and will be broken easily, therefore silicone sleeve shows up which is high temperature resistance and made from elastic silicone rubber by compression mold tooling, can be served as protective cover for the glass tubing or glass container.

Silicone Tube Sleeve

Advantages of Silicone Glass Tubing Sleeve

Silicone Glass Tubing Sleeve's main function is to protect the glass tube against broken, and can also make the glass tube more beautiful.

1. Silicone Tubing Sleeve can prevent hard objects leave scratches on the surface of the vape mod.

2. Silicone Sleeve for Glass Tube has anti-slippery effect with good tactile.

3. Silicone Sleeve for Vape Mods can be printed with all sort of designs and colors, to make it more beautiful and cool.

4. Silicone Vape Cover can be easily assemble with the vape mod without affect it's function.

Silicone Sleeve for Glass Tube

How to Manufacture Silicone Glass Tubing Sleeve

Silicone Sleeve for Glass Tubing are made of vulcanized FDA Food Grade Silicone and produced by compression molding.

Our company mainly custom made the Silicone Sleeve according to customers 3D & 2D design drawing, if don't have, we can also help our clients with their own design.

Silicone Glass Tubing Sleeve Surface symbols & logo treatment: 

  • Silk Screen Printing:  it means to add some symbols or logo on the surface by printing process, which can make the products more beautiful.

  • Logo Embossed on the surface, there are also many customers choose this kinds of production process, which means logo will be a little protruding from the silicone sleeves' surface as the followed picture shows.

  • Logo Debossed in the surface, generally customers seldom choose this production process, for debossed logo, the symbol will be get dirty easily & not easy to clear up.

Silicone Bottle Covers

Silicone Glass Tubing Sleeve Surface protective treatment: 

For shorter Silicone Sleeve, Matte Smooth Coating can make the Silicone Sleeve have a better tactile and anti-dust function. For full silicone sleeve, generally our customer will also require inside matte smooth coating (double sides). In this way, it will make the full Glass Bottle Sleeve easy to "get on/off" from the bottle, so that users' can save the assembly time and will also have a better using experience.

Silicone Glass Tubing Sleeve Surface Parting Line

For the longer Silicone Sleeve, there will always be a parting line which will affect the products appearance.

Small parting line will make the Silicone Sleeve looks more beautiful with good quality, while big parting line will make the products looks like cheap products. So for many customers, the mostly esthetical issue is that they are concerned about the parting line. what will be the quality of that line and how big it will be. For the problem, we are confident that the products we made can abosolutely satisfied your needs,  there are 5 points that affect the parting line:

1. Located pins: they will make the mold more accurate, and avoid mold misalignment situation.

2. Mold Steel Material: harder mold steel materials, good mold-making equipment and good mold assembly can also make the parting line smaller.

3. Mold surface treatment: it will also influence the parting line, generally, for products with high requirements about parting line, we recommend to do EDM process after CNC process to make the mold surface as texture surface. 

4. Mold's sharp edge: If didn't keep good maintainance of mold sharp edge, once it is damaged, the parting line will also become bigger.

5. Silicone sleeve surface matte smooth coating: it can improve the products parting line, and make the products have better tactile, and anti-dust function.

Silicone Sleeve for Glass Tube

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