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Silicone Hand Grip

Silicone Rubber Hand Grip, also known Silicon Rubber Hand Covers & Sleeves, which is made from elastomeric silicone rubber materials as a cover for metal or plastic handles (some is Metal & plastic + silicone rubber overmolding handle grip).
Silicone Hand Grip Features: Anti-Slip designs, Heatproof, and Electric Insulation etc.
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Silicone Hand Grip

Silicone Rubber Hand Grip, also known Silicon Rubber Hand Covers & Sleeves, which is made from elastomeric silicone rubber materials as a cover for metal or plastic handles (some is Metal & plastic + silicone rubber overmolding handle grip).
Silicone Hand Grip 
Features: Anti-Slip designs, Heatproof, and Electric Insulation etc.

Common Silicone Rubber Hand Grip & Cover: bicycle & motorcycle handle sleeve, gulf grip sleeve, hammer handle sleeve, baseball bat sleeve, tennis racket sleeve, croquet mallets grip sleeve, handbrake handle sleeve, pot & pan handle sleeve.
Silicone Hand Grip
Silicone Rubber Hand Grip & Cover Materials: Silicone, PU & Polyurethane,  Neoprene, NBR, EPDM etc.

Silicone Hand Grips & Cover surface or process:

1. Dermatoglyph ( Texture surface): in aim to increase friction ( anti-slip effects )
2. Matte Smooth: for a good touch feeling, anti-dust effects, some are for screen printing, spray painted on covers, also can reduce silicone rubber handle grips parting line or rubber flashing.

handle cover
handle grip
Silicone Hand Sleeve Production of Our Advantages:
1. Own Precision Silicone Rubber Mold-Making Technology and Production .
e.g. Silicone Rubber Compression Molded parts can up to +/-0.02mm, small flashing (minimum), parting line controls

2. One-stop Service:
a. Own mold-making plant, silicone rubber compression plant, plastic injection plant, liquid silicone rubber injection plant.
b. Professional sales teams will also work well together with mold designing department, QC department

3. Quality Control
After confirming products quality, we control covers production quality strictly according to ISO9001.

hand grip mold

Custom Silicone Rubber Hand Grip Requirements:
1.Offer 2D, 3D design drawings or samples etc.
2. Handle Grip Materials, Color and Hardness demands.
3. Silicone Rubber Handle Grips parting line, sizes telorance etc.
Handle  Sleeves Surface Demands: matte smooth, polishing, dermatoglyph finish, sand blast, EDM surface, etc    
Silicon Hand Grip Molding
Removing Handl Grip

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