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Silicone Umbrella Valve Seal Design Guide

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Umbrella Valve Seal, known as Umbrella Check Valve or Mushroom Valve, which is one type of silicone one way check valve ( backflow valve & pressure relief valve).  Silicone Umbrella Valve Seals, which have round diaphragm seals & seat for air or water pressure relief and backflow controls like Belleville valve, also have rubber stem and hooks for location. Umbrella Valve & Seals is mainly made from medical grade or food grade silicone or liquid silicone rubber materials, also made from other rubber materials like Neoprene, EPDM, Nitriles.

Umbrella Valve Seal

Umbrella Valve Seals Design Guide

When design the Umbrella Valve Seals,  some points that we should pay attention to:

  • There are some people who will neglect the undercut (also known as hook height ), while it is a quite important design for the umbrella valve seal. As we know, the umbrella valve seals will be assembled with plastic part or some other metal part, and the undercut (hook height can make the silicone valve to be fixed with the part tightly to ensure good effect.) Generally, the hook height need to same as plastic & metal panel's height.

 Silicone Mushroom Valve Umbrella Valve Design

  • The second point is that the umbrella shaped diameter under the undercut should be bigger than one-way valve holes. 

  • The third point is that stem diameter should be same or smaller than assembly holes. 

Notes: For the Umbrella Valve Seal, the hardness is generally 30-40 Shore A, if the durometer/ hardness is too high, the hook will easy crack when the umbrella valve is eject from the mold.

Umbrella Valve Mold

Umbrella Valve Seal Application

Umbrella Valve Seal can be used as vessel vent valves such as for automotive fuel tanks, inlet and outlet valves for piston and diaphragm pumps, one-way check valves in (disposable) breathing masks, Manual Resuscitator & Respirator, Anesthesia Apparatus, Surgical equipment etc, and numerous other fluid control functions in medical devices, home appliances, cars and toys.

One Way Check Valve

N95 Mask with Umbrella valve

Umbrella Valve Seal Material

Umbrella valve seal can be made from various material, like medical grade or food grade silicone or liquid silicone rubber materials, also made from other rubber materials like Neoprene, EPDM, Nitrile Rubber, etc.

If the umbrella valve seal is used in Medical field, then we will use FDA Medical Grade Silicone, like Wacker R401, the followed is material data sheet for your reference:

Umbrella Valve Material WAKER EL R401.pdf

Umbrella Valve Seal Material Wacker R401 Bio-compatible Certificate.pdf

Mushroom Valve Material Wacker R401 MTDS-30A.pdf

Umbrella Seal Material Wacker R401 MSDS-30A.pdf

Umbrella Check Valve Material Wacker R401-MTDS-40A.pdf

If the Mushroom Valve will contact with skin or water bottle or have food safety concerns, then FDA Food Grade Silicone will be ideal.

for this demands, Wacker R401 can be usued, and Dongjue is also OK.

Air Relief Valves Material -DONGJUE-MSDS.pdf

If the Air Relief Valve require good oil resistance, NBR can meet your needs. Nitrile Rubber has excellent oil resistance which is superior to natural rubber, chloroprene rubber and styrene butadiene rubber, and there is also FDA Food Grade Nitrile Rubber Material.

Non-Return Valve Nitrile Rubber Material.PDF

Nitrile Rubber Check Valves Material.PDF

Our company Xiamen Better Silicone can help you with the valve design as lons as you give us 3D drawing (Step or IGS format) of the plastic part that will be assemble with umbrella valves seal. 

If you don't know how to design, contact us, our engineer team can help you to create the design.

If you already have the design while not sure if it is OK, contact us, our engineer team can help you to improve the design.

Umbrella Seal Design

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