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What Pallet Means

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The definition of pallet in Chinese national standard "logistics terms" refers to the horizontal platform device for the storage, stacking, handling and transportation of goods and products in the unit load.Pallets, Wood Pallets & Plastic Pallets for fast delivery.

Wood PalletsAs a kind of container equipment similar to that of the container, pallet is now widely used in areas such as production, transportation, warehousing and distribution, is considered to be one of the two key innovations in the logistics industry in the 20th century.As an important loading and unloading, storage and transportation equipment, pallet plays an important role in modern logistics.Tray efficiency for modern logistics industry is mainly reflected in: can realize unitized goods packaging, normalization and standardization, protect the goods, convenient logistics and commerce flow, pallet and pallet, plywood.The tray is divided into two kinds, at least two kinds, one is the tray in the daily spoken language, and the plate is placed in the bowl when serving the meal.The other is a logistics tray.As a daily tray, put some dishes and so on.The pallet on the logistics, according to the material, use, mesa, forklift fork into the way and the structure distinguish, the tray has many kinds.Especially in some situations requiring quick operation, due to high efficiency of pallet operation, safe and stable, the utilization rate is increasing.On the market all kinds of pallet, wood pallet, plywood, fumigation-free tray to tray. The four double tray. European standard pallet. Oubiao CP3. Square mound tray. The single face plywood pallets. Double plywood pallets. Double-sided fumigation-free pallet. Number. With thick plywood. The double field word plastic tray. Blue plastic tray. Oubiao CP3. Black plastic tray. Black matts 12 KGS.There are also various special tray, plate glass set tray, tire special tray, long size tray and oil bucket special tray and so on.

A pallet is an intermediary that converts static goods into dynamic goods, a cargo platform, and an active platform, or movable ground.Pallet operation

Even if the goods that lose flexibility on the ground are loaded on the pallet, they are immediately active and flexible, as the cargo on the pallet is in a ready state to move into motion at all times. This dynamic loading and unloading method, which is made up of pallet as the basic tool, is called pallet operation.

Pallet operation can not only significantly improve the loading and unloading effect, its implementation, so that the form of warehouse construction, ship construction, railway and other modes of transport handling facilities and management organizations have changed. In the packaging of goods, the Promotion of packaging standardization and modularity, and even outside the loading and unloading of the general mode of production activities will have a significant impact. With more and more sophisticated production equipment, more and more automation, the production of more and more planning and management methods of progressive, moving between the process and to the production line of materials and semi-finished work is becoming more important.

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The most important principle of handling operation is the least amount of work. That is, when the goods move to minimize the "two times" and "temporary parking", so as to minimize the number of handling. In order to improve the efficiency of transportation, the operator would certainly like to reduce the reproduction work as much as possible. However, there are many accidents in transit. For example, when a railroad is in operation, the transportation on the line is completed once, but the operation before and after it needs at least 6 to 8 times. If this 6 to 8 times to transfer the goods on the pallet to other pallets, then the whole process of loading and unloading is very heavy, which will lose the effect of pallet transport. On the contrary, if the goods in the original tray after loading, no matter how complex the way there is the process of cargo storage and transportation, do not change the goods on the pallet, direct to the end, can give full play to the effect of pallet transport. Not only in the railway, in the car transport and ship transport, the implementation of pallet direct transport, or by a variety of modes of transport to form a joint direct transport, the transport industry and the use of transport materials units, can be very good transport economic effects.

Therefore, the direct transport and use of pallets is one of the essential ways to develop modern logistics.


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