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What does medical grade silicone mean?

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Silicone valves, like umbrella valve, duckbill valve, one-way valve are made from medical grade silicone.

Medical silicone is a kind of biological materials widely used in cosmetic surgery. It has various forms, such

as liquid silicone oil, jelly-like silicone, foamy silicone sponge and elastic solid silicone rubber.

At present, solid silicone rubber is widely used. Silicone rubber has good biocompatibility, non-irritating to human tissues,

non-toxic, no allergic reaction with very few body rejections; Medical grade silicone has good physical and chemical properties,

and can maintain its original elasticity and softness in contact with body fluids and tissues., It is not degraded, and is a fairly stable,

inert material with features of high-temperature resistance. Medical Grade Silicone is easy to process, easy to engraved shape and easy to use.

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Medical Grade Silicone Feature

1. High transparency, good anti-yellowing, high transparency of product appearance, not easy to aging.

2. High tensile tear strength, suitable for the production of high strength requirements.

Medical Grade Silicone Application

1. Food contact: such as pipes that carry drinks, including drinking water; Baby bottle cap; Miscellaneous miscellaneous parts;

Parts, rollers, calender belts and conveyor belts, dispensing valves, baby nipples, baby toothers, etc.

2. Drug use: tubes used for liquid and soluble drug cycles; Medical conveyor belts, etc.

3. Medical use: tubes used in extracorporeal circulation; Oxygen therapy; Sealing parts of syringe; Breathing mask, umbrella valves,

duckbill valves, one-way valves, non-return valves, etc.

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