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What is Matte Coating?

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What is Matte Coating?

Matte coating, also known as Matte Cover, Silicone Oil Coating, which are manufactured to deliver a smooth, matte finish surface on the silicone sleeves, etc. meanwhile maintaining a high degree of color retention and offering several additional features and benefits. 

Matte Coating

Silicone feel Oil Coating Classification

1. According to the surface effect, it can be divided into bright feel oil, mist (dumb) feel oil and frosted feel oil;

2. According to different requirements on wear resistance, it can be divided into common type, namely universal type and high wear resistance type;

3. According to different curing temperatures, it can be divided into high-temperature curing handle oil (180-200°C/10-15min) and low-temperature curing handle oil (110-120°C/10-15min). The main influence on the temperature of fixed line is the platinum catalyst content.

4. According to the different construction process, can be divided into spray feel oil and silk screen feel oil.

Matte Coatings Feature

  • Matte Coating is engineered to impart reduced gloss and a soft, luxurious feel, while also maintaining a high degree of color retention, and offer a distinct look, feel and performance.

  • Matte Coatings are for excellent wear and abrasion resistance on Silicone Rubber Sleeve/ Cover/ Protective Skins’ surfaces. They offer excellent adhesion to ink, with high quality print definition that creates a smooth matte finish.

  • Matte Coating can make the parting line of silicone products looks smaller, which makes the products looks like have higher quality & beautiful appearance.

  • Matte Coating applied on silicone sleeve that need to assemble with bottle can also make it easy to get on/off, with smooth & matte surface, the silicone won’t have strong adhesive effect and won’t “stick on” the bottle’s surface. If without matte coating, the silicone surface are astringent, and with not so good touch feeling, so we generally spray matte oil to improve the silicone surface effect.

  • Matte Coating applied on silicone protective skin can make it anti-dust, easier to clean and anti-static.

Silicone Protective Skin

The Difference Between Uncoated and Matte Coating Finishing

Matte Coatings Main Application   

Silicone felt oil has the characteristics of strong adhesion, excellent wear resistance, smooth feel, bright surface effect, flat appearance of paint film. It has been widely used in Silicone Card Holder, Tablet Computer Cover, Silicone Housing Case, Silicone Keypads, Silicone Bottle Sleeve, Silicone Case, Water Bottle Sleeve, Silicone Wristband and other silicone rubber products.

Glass Bottle Sleeve   Silicone Sleeve for Glass Bottle

                   Glass Bottle Sleeve                                                       Water Bottle Sleeve

Silicone Sleeve for Baby Bottle   Mini Silicone Sleeve

      Silicone Sleeve for Baby Bottle                                     Small Silicone Sleeve

Silicone Card Holder  Silicone Cover

             Silicone Card Holder                                         Silicone Protective Skin

Silicone Protective Sleeve    Glass Tubing Sleeve

            Silicone Protective Sleeve                                    Glass Tubing Sleeve

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