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What is Rubber Grommet?

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Rubber grommet refers to the production of various rubber grommets, like EPDM grommet, NBR grommet, CR grommets, which are made of natural rubber and synthetic rubber.

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Rubber Grommet Feature: 

1. When rubber grommets are formed, after pressure pressing, if the cohesion of elastomer cannot be eliminated when ejecting from the mold tool, it will lead to unstable contraction (rubber’s shrinkage rate will be different between different rubber), so after ejected from the mold tool, we should place for a period of time to moderate stability.Therefore, when a rubber grommet is designed, no matter the formula or mold tool, it is necessary for us to carefully calculate, If not, it will easily lead to unstable product size & low product quality.

2. Due to the different types of rubber vulcanizates, there is a considerable gap between the curing temperature range, sometimes it can be affected by climate change and indoor temperature and humidity. Therefore, the production conditions of rubber need to be adjusted at any time. If not, there may be differences in product quality.

3. Rubber grommets is conducted by mixing rubber which are made from rubber raw materials mixing machine, and when mixing rubber, and set the required product hardness & durometer. After the product is formed, we’ll do second time vulcanization, and handle the surface of the product to make them smooth without burr.

4. Rubber aging tests belong to the category of aging test, rubber aging refers to during rubber and rubber products processing, storage and use process, due to the combination of internal and external factors which lead to structure change, and rubber products lose its use value. These result often manifest as surface cracked, sticky, hardened, softened, powdered, discolored, mildewed, etc.

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