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What is a Nasal Cannula Prong?

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What is a Nasal Cannula Prong?

Nasal Cannula Prong, also named as CPAP Nasal Prongs, Oxygen Nasal Prongs, which are mainly produced by LSR injection Molding for good quality with minimum parting line and flash. Silicone Nasal Cannula Prong is designed for easy administration of oxygen into the patient nose through two small prongs placed in the nostrils, providing comfort for the patient. A Nasal Cannula Prong is a thin tube into your nose. There are two prongs that go inside your nostrils that deliver the oxygen.

 Nasal Cannula Prongs

How Are Nasal Cannula Prongs be Produced?

Nasal Cannula Prongs are produced by LSR Injection Molding, the methodology of injection molding is very straightforward: the hot liquid compound is injected into a closed cavity where it is vulcanized. The result is a dimensionally stable, perfectly cured liquid silicone with no need of much aftercare. Injection molding is ideal for producing high volumes of the product such as LSR Baby Nipple, Breast Pump Duckbill, Full Face Mask, Nasal Pillow Mask, Nasal Prongs, gaskets and other Liquid Silicone items. 

(Note: For demold easier, we do PTFE coating on mold.)

Why Choose LSR Injection Molding for Nasal Cannula Prongs?

  • Nasal Cannula Prongs produced by Injection Molding have minimum flash: because the LSR injection molding’s material feeding system is different from compression molding, the temperature, pressure and injection way is controlled by the machine. 

  • LSR Injection Molded Nasal Prongs have high production efficiency. The production time of compression molding is significantly longer than that of injection molding. Moreover, the excess burrs around the parts must be trimmed manually in case of compression molding, it will slowing down the production cycle even more, and making the process more labor intensive. Injection molding is the more efficient technology because full automation of the process is possible. because there is platinum vulcanization agent, which can speed up the vulcanize time, in this way, the production molding time is shorten; and by LSR injection molding, we can achieve automatic production, some the LSR parts can eject from the mold directly, and sometimes we can use mechanical arm to take the parts.

  • LSR Nasal Prongs are Raw Material Safe----Properties of Liquid Silicone Material is good than solid silicone: the material is more pure, so elongation rate & tear strength is good. Liquid Silicone Material for Injection Molding is safer than solid silicone for compression molding.

Adult Nasal Prongs

Nasal Cannula Prongs Production

Nasal Cannula Prongs Different Sizes

  • Adult Nasal Prongs

  • Pediatric Nasal Prongs

  • Infant Nasal Prongs

 CPAP Nasal Prongs

Types of Nasal Cannula Prongs

Nasal cannula used to deliver oxygen directly to the patient via two small prongs placed in the nostrils.

Place the twin prongs inside the nostrils and secure them with a piece of tape on the cheeks near the nose and adjust the harness (Over-the-Eartubing). Care should be taken to keep the nostrils clear of mucus, which could block the flow of oxygen.

It is important to have the proper equipment to control low flow rate.

Humidification is not required with nasal prongs.

  • High-flow Nasal Prongs Cannulas

  • Low-flow Nasal Prongs Cannulas

The difference between them is in the amount and type of oxygen they deliver per minute. A Nasal Cannula can be used in the hospital or in another healthcare setting temporarily, or a Nasal Cannula can also be used at home or for long-term use. It depends on your condition and why you need oxygen therapy.

 pediatric nasal prongs

What is a Nasal Cannula Prongs Used For?

A Nasal Cannula is beneficial for people who have trouble breathing and aren’t getting enough oxygen.

A nasal cannula is a thin, flexible tube that wraps around your head, typically hooking around your ears. On one end, it has two prongs that sit in your nose and deliver oxygen. The other end of the tube connects to an oxygen supply. There are several different types of oxygen supply delivery systems. The type of oxygen delivery system you use depends on your condition and what your healthcare provider recommends. Your healthcare provider also determines how much oxygen you need.

When do you use a Nasal Cannula Prongs?

If there are some certain health problems and it makes it hard for your body to get enough oxygen, then you need to get extra oxygen through a silicone nasal cannula or LSR nasal Prongs or another oxygen device.

A Silicone Nasal Cannula can help anyone at any stage of life. For example, newborns may need to use a nasal cannula if their lungs are underdeveloped or if they’re having breathing difficulties at birth. It’s also beneficial if you’re traveling to an area with higher altitudes where oxygen levels are lower.

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