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What is a silicone bracelet?

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What is a silicone bracelet?
Silicone bracelet, also known as silicone wrist ring.It is a kind of green and environment-friendly jewelry.The silica gel bracelet is similar to the jade bracelet of traditional craft, more jade bracelet can not be compared with beautiful.Engraving, printing process, ten thousand patterns, thousands of colors, fashion trends.

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Specifically is a bracelet silicone material, silicone material goods is becoming more common, with a focus on the silicone item it is cheap, beautiful and special, Customized  Silicone Wristband is not only good and beautiful, also special, durable, fell on the ground will not like other material shatter.

Early in 2005, has a little charity through selling the plastic hand with special words bring to raise funds, but the general effect. Until 2005, in the middle of the plastic hand with pushed by celebrities from all walks of life to become today's most popular decorations.

Advantages of silicone bracelet design:
1. Use food-grade silica gel materials to withstand high and low temperature and corrosion resistance.
2. New style, soft material, clean with water.
3. The night light and fluorescence can be customized.
4. It can also be used as a hair ring.

But the silicone bracelet also has disadvantages:
The first product is made of silica gel, which is soft and can not touch sharp objects.
The second silica gel product is relatively easy to absorb dust, so when not use, had better place in a cool and clean cabinet or box.
The third cannot be washed with corrosive substances.

Just pay attention.

Because the silicone mat hand ring has the environmental protection, non-toxic tasteless, and has good elasticity, the advantages of easy to wear, and gradually developed into a popular act the role ofing is tasted, was deeply loved by young friends, now this trend has spread around the world.
The silicone bracelet is more closely associated with various organizational activities, brand promotion, sports, etc. A good design can convey profound meaning.

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