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How Does Duckbill Valve Work?

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How Does Duckbill Valve Work?

Duckbill Valve is one-piece elastomeric component with flexible flaps& lips. By combination of elastomer rubber flexibility & softness and slit cutting function, Duckbill Valve provides the reliable tightest seal for backflow & leakage prevention at low-pressure fluid & air control operation, serving as one way valve,non-return valve and check valve.

Common Uages include: medical duckbill check valve, breast pump valves, Duckbill valve for drainage, water system, pump, pipeline, etc.

 Duckbill Valve

Duckbill Valve Working Principle:

Duckbill Valve's one end of valve is round shape stretched over the pipe line and the other end of valve is usually a natural flattened shape, like the beak of a duck. Duckbill Valve has a very low operating pressure required to open. Thus, its operation principal is simple, mainly by using line pressure and backpressure to open and close, so no outside energy source is required.

 Duckbill Check Valve

Duckbill Valve Opening Pressure

Upstream(Forward) pressure in valve forces the lips&flappers open to permit flow. As internal pressure of flows increase, Duckbill Valve Opening Pressurethe lips gradually open further and allowing more flow exit. When inside forward pressure is removed and backpressure or reverse flow pressure happen, the duck mouth is closed under the action of elastic force. The duckbill valve end returns to its flattened shape to form tight seal for preventing backflow and un-wanted entry into the pipeline.

(Notes: Unlike conventinal check valve and flap gate valves, duckbill valve doesn't require regular maintenance to replace worn seats, hinge pins, balls, or flappers. Thus one-piece duckbill valve eliminates moving components and intrusive body structures)

Duckbill Valve -Flanged Type

Flanged Duckbill Valve

Duckbill Valve -Sleeved Type

Sleeved Duckbill Valve

Rubber Duckbill Check Valve Manfacturing Process

Rubber Duckbill Valve Manufacturing Process

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