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Umbrella Check Valve for Resuscitator's Air Inlet Intake Valve

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Respirator Valve

Respirator valve & respiratory valve is generally umbrella check valve, also known as umbrella valve seal, mushroom valve, which is a non return one way valve and used in air inlet & intake valve for self inflating bag, manual resuscitator, bag valve mask(BVM), manual resuscitation & ventilation bag like Ambu Bag, Laerdal resuscitator. Respirator valve & respiratory umbrella valve is made from medical grade silicone by compression molding or liquird silicone rubber LSR molding.

Umbrella Check Valve for Resuscitator's Air Inlet Intake Valve

Respirator Valve Sizes in Resuscitator Bag

Medical respiratory umbrella valve is standard type and can be suitable for acting as air intake & inlet valve in infant/neonatal/newborn ambu bag, pediatric/child ambu bag, adult self inflating resuscitation bag.


Material Outer Diameter Hole Diameter Panel Thickness Design Drawing
 Inlet Valve
Medical Silicone
20.0mm 1.9mm
Intake Valve Medical Silicone 24.0mm 2.5mm 2.5mm Drawing2.pdf
Repiratory Valve Medical Silicone 31.0mm 3.9mm 4.7mm Drawing3.pdf
Respirator Valve Medical Silicone 32.5mm 4.3mm 3.0mm  Drawing4.pdf
Resuscitator Valve Medical Silicone 34.0mm 4.0mm 4.9mm  Drawing5.pdf

Medical Umbrella Valve for Respiratory Device

Respirator Intake & Inlet Valve Working Principle 

When the pressure on the side of the umbrella mouth of the umbrella-shaped diaphragm is greater than the pressure at the end of the umbrella top, the umbrella surface receives the pressure in the direction of the umbrella mouth. This pressure causes the umbrella mouth to deform and expand. There is a gap between the valve diaphragms, so that the gas can be discharged through the vent hole and the gap between the end face of the valve body and the umbrella diaphragm to function as a one-way valve (check valve).

Umbrella Check Valve Working Principle in Bag Valve MakBag Valve Mask Ventilation's mushroom umbrella valve seal

All in one intake valve includes three umbrella valves (mushroom seal valve) with different diameters. Their diameters are 20mm, 24mm and 34mm. These valves are non return one way valve which are made of medical grade silicone, and function as gas intake and air inlet &outlet check valve. 

Gas intake valve closes during bag compression, permitting positive-pressure ventilation. The bag is refilled by flow through the fresh gas inlet and across the intake valve. Connecting a reservoir to the intake valve helps prevent the entrainment of room air. The reservoir valve assembly is really two unidirectional valves: the inlet valve and the outlet valve. The inlet valve allows ambient air to enter the ventilation bag if fresh gas flow is inadequate to maintain reservoir filling. Positive pressure in the reservoir bag opens the outlet valve, which vents oxygen if fresh gas flow is excessive.

Medical Respirator Valve for Ambu resuscitator Bag

Other Respirator & Respiratory Valve

Respirator umbrella valve also can be used as exhalation valve(Manifold) in ventilator circuits or N95 Respirator Mask. 

N95 Mask with Umbrella Respirator valveExhalation Valve for Ventilator circuits

Respirator Ambu Bag Component Replacement

We are manufacturer of bag valve mask parts, including resuscitation bag, pop-off valve, patient valve, non-rebreathing valve, PEEP valve, duckbill valveface mask, offering factory price.

 PVC Silicone Bag Valve Mask duckbill valve for self inflating resuscitation bag non rebreathing valve

pop-off valve for self inflating bagself inflating bag neonatal resuscitation

Bag Valve Mask Ventilation Ambu bag Partsplastic injection molding for manual ventilator bag

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