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How Does A Dispensing Valve Work?

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Dispensing Valve

Dispensing Valves, also known as Cross Slit Valves, Slit-cutting Valve, which are used to open at a pre-determined pressure and closing thereafter in order to dispense a medium once a certain threshold pressure is achieved. The No-spill silicone valve is made of LFGB and FDA food safe liquid silicone, no spill, no drip and leak proof cross slit valve, for ketchup, honey, mayonnaise, mustard and other sauces, can be used for body lotion, shampoo, travel bottles.

Dispensing Valve

How Do Dispensing Valves Work?

Silicone Dispensing Valve function by opening quickly, releasing the product, and closing again.For example when dispensing product from a flexible shampoo bottle. When the bottle is held upside down with the valve pointed downward, no liquid will drip from the bottle. Upon compression of the bottle above a certain amount the valve will open, allowing product to flow. Then again, when the bottle is no further compressed, the valve will close automatically, stopping the flow of product. Preferably the valve will make a nice “cut-off” of the product to be dispensed in order to leave a nice and clean dispensing nozzle.

 Dispensing Valve

Dispensing Valves Types & Installation

Dispensing Valve Installation

Dispensing Valve Design Guide

Dispensing Valve Material Selection: It depends on the working environment and application. Dispensing valves & X-fragm valves are available in various elastomeric material including FDA medical and food grade silicone and hydrocarbon resistant fluorosilicone rubber, FKM and FVMQ to handle a broad range of media and temperatures. Also EPDM, Buna N & Nitrile Rubber, Neoprene/ CR, SBR can be chosen to make cross slit valve for some application, like oil resistance valve, etc.

Silicone Slit-cutting Valve Structure: Flange & hieght of rubber cross slit valve: A certain width needed for slit-cutting valve positioning and die cutting proceeding. Meanwhile, if it is a sharp angle at the end, it is easy to cut inaccurately.

Cross Slit Valve Slit : The longer the length of slit, the easier it will be opened under certain pressure. But it will not easy to close well.

Structure design based on installation way: Flanged or slip on duckbill valve will be designed for different location place. Sometimes undercut is needed for better fixation.

Dispensing Valve’s Sealing mainly depends on 3 factors:

1. Depends on the die-cutting tool: It needs to be sharp enough, so that it can cut the silicone thoroughly to avoid diecutting burrs, and to avoid the situation of "slit" doesn't close well.

2. Depends on the permanent compression set value: for this dispensing valve, we use high-elastic FDA Food Grade silicone, so its restoring forces is good, the dispensing valve can close & open easily without the distortion situation.

3. Depends on the hardness: generally, dispensing valve with high durometer & hardness will have better restoring forces.

X-frame Silicone Valve

Medical Silicone Valve

Dispensing Valve Feature/Benefit

- Precision Dispensing and dosing delivered by a straight stream

- Dispenses a wide range of liquids, gases and powders on demand

- No Drip feature

 Silicone Dispensing Valve

Dispensing Valve Applications:

- Food & Beverage dispensing

- Packaged dispensable products

- Pharmaceutical

- BioMed Packaging

-Consumer goods packaging

Silicone Valve

Dispensing Silicone Valve

Dispensing Valve’s Slit Cutting Tool

Cross Slit Valve

Dispensing Valve

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