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Why umbrella valve deformation and how to prevent deformation?

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Umbrella Valve

Umbrella Valve, known as Mushroom Valve, Umbrella Valve Seal or Umbrella Check Valve, which is a kind of one way valve in diaphragm shape for air or liquid pressure relief and backflow controls. The stem and hooks of umbrella valve is for fixing. It is generally made of high-tensile solid silicone (HTV) or liquid silicone rubber (LSR) materials, also made from other rubber materials like Neoprene rubber, EPDM, Fluorosilicone, FKM, Nitriles rubber etc. It is widely used in many areas for fluid control functions.

Umbrella Valve Deformation Situations And Solutions:

Umbrella Valve Materials Choice

Umbrella Valve is usually made of solid silicone, LSR, fluorosilicone, FVMQ, EPDM, HNBR and Nitrile Rubber etc.

(1). FDA food grade & medical grade Umbrella Valves are ok for repeated use for compliance with Food and Drug Administration Regulations, and can work at-40°C to 230°C at elevated temperatures, the tensile elongation, and abrasion resistance is far superior to that of most organic elastomers. Low temperature flexibility is another advantage silicone has over most organic rubbers.

(2).LSR &Liguid Silicone Rubber Umbrella Valve: Unlike conventional rubber, LSR can withstand extreme temperatures without changing its properties, enabling high heat autoclave sterilization or use in very cold environments

(3).Fluorosilicone & FVMQ Umbrella Valves have good resistance of oil and strong acid alkali oxidant, and also have common silicone advantage like working temperature:-40oC~230oC

(4).EPDM Umbrella Valves have excellent performance at Ozone aging resistance, weather aging resistance & heat resistance

(5).Buna N & Nitrile Rubber Umbrella Valves perform excellently at oil resistance.

The choice of raw materials will affect the deformation of Umbrella Valve. Umbrella Valve Materials had better choose lower compression set and high elastic elastomers (tensile strength), best made from 100% high elastic silicone.

umbrella valve LSR(1)

Umbrella Check Valve Design and Structures Problem

With same material, thicker thickness Umbrella Valve is not deformation. Thin thickness Umbrella Valve is easy to deform. The Umbrella Valve design structure also affects deformation. The first two kinds of Umbrella Valve are commonly used. The latter is easy to deform and not suggested.

umbrella valve design guide

Umbrella Valve Molded Methods

With the good properties of Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) and vulcanization system, Umbrella Valve by liquid injection molding has better quality and is not easy to deform than by compression mold tooling.

Umbrella Valve Vulcanizing Agent and Curing Time

Vulcanizing agent is a material, usually sulfur, that is used in the chemical process of vulcanization. Vulcanization agent gives natural rubber or other polymers more strength, elasticity and durability by the addition of sulfur or other accelerators such as zinc oxide and peroxide. In order to make the Umbrella Valve resilient, no easy to deformation, vulcanizing agent had better choose platinum vulcanizing agent. And vulcanizing time and temperature also have an impact on deformation. Umbrella Valve, working at 200°C in 2 hours to make sure full vulcanization, is not easy to deformation.

umbrella valve

umbrella valve deformation

Mushroom Check Valve Packaging Problem

For packing, PE Bag with air inside in aim to prevent deformation & out of shape.

umbrella valve package with air(1)

umbrella valve packing

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