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Custom Made CR Rubber Grommet

EPDM rubber grommets, known as rubber grommet plug or grommet seal, which is designed to protect cable, electric wire, cord, hoses from abrasion damage & vibration when inserted & snap into metal, plastic, glass or other hard materials.

CR Rubber Grommet

CR Rubber Grommet, also known as CR grommet ring or CR Wire Grommet, which is designed to protect cable, electric wire, cord, hoses from abrasion damage & vibration when inserted & snap into metal, plastic, glass or other hard materials. Rubber Grommet Plug also works as rubber cover or seal for dust free and waterproof etc. 

CR Grommet

CR Rubber Grommets Main Properties:

CR Rubber Grommets has good Physical Properties, Oil resistance, heat & flame resistance, sunlight resistance, ozone resistance, acid and alkali resistance and chemical resistance. Tensile strength, elongation, reversible crystalline and adhesion are good. Aging resistance, heat & oil resistance and chemical resistance are excellent. While CR grommet's cold tolerance and storage stability are not very well.


Weather resistance and ozone resistance, aging resistance are second only to that of EPR and Butyl rubber. Oil resistance ranks only second to that of NBR Grommet.

Heat resistance is equal to NBR Grommet. Its decomposing temperature is 230~260℃, working in 120~150℃ for a short period and 80~100℃ for a long time, with a certain flame resistance.  Inorganic acid and alkali resistance is good. Cold tolerance and insulation are poor.


Raw rubber equips bad storage stability, easily appearing self-vulcanization phenomenon and it tend to harden as Mooney Viscosity increases.  

cable grommets

Other main Rubber Grommet Plug materials feature:

1. CR & Neoprene Rubber Grommet: Good oil resistance and weather resistance.

2. Nitrile Rubber & Buna n Grommet:NBR rubber grommet have Excellent Oil Resistance

3. Silicone & VMQ Grommet: Clear silicone, FDA food grade & medical grade, good ozone and oil resistance.

4. Viton, FKM & Fluororubber: Excellent oil and weather resistance.

EPDM Rubber Grommet Seal

CR Grommet's Design

A: Outer diameter            

B: Groove diameter

C: Inner diameter

D: Overall diameter

E: Groove width

Silicone grommet

CR Grommet Plug & Seal Shapes 

1. Blind Rubber Grommets & Blanking Grommets, Grommets Cover

2. Round Rubber Grommet & EPDM Grommet Rings

3. Oval Grommets & Oblong Rubber Grommets

4. Open Rubber Grommets

5. Rectangular Grommets

6. Square Rubber Grommet

7. Tapered Rubber Grommets, Grommet Plug & Grommet Seal

CR Rubber Grommet Plug Applicance

CR Grommet are widely used in Aging resistance field, Waterproof field, Corrosion resistance field, and Electrical insulation field, like Cable grommets, wire grommets, desk grommet, electrical grommets, blind rubber grommets, blanking grommets, etc.

Rubber Grommet

CR Rubber Grommets Plug Parting Line

Rubber grommet parting line & joint line location, not only depends on grommet designs & sizes, but also depends on grommets hardness & durometer. Grommet parting line demands affect grommet's molding price and unit price. Small parting line will make the Silicone Grommet looks more beautiful with good quality, while big parting line will make the products looks like cheap products. So for many customers, the mostly esthetical issue is that they are concerned about the parting line. what will be the quality of that line and how big it will be. For the problem, we are confident that the products we made can abosolutely satisfied your needs,  there are 5 points that affect the parting line:

1. Located pins: they will make the mold more accurate, and avoid mold misalignment situation.

2. Mold Steel Material: harder mold steel materials, good mold-making equipment and good mold assembly can also make the parting line smaller.

3. Mold surface treatment: it will also influence the parting line, generally, for products with high requirements about parting line, we recommend to do EDM process after CNC process to make the mold surface as texture surface. 

4. Mold's sharp edge: If didn't keep good maintainance of mold sharp edge, once it is damaged, the parting line will also become bigger.

5. Silicone grommet surface matte smooth coating: it can improve the products parting line, and make the products have better tactile, and anti-dust function.

Rubber Grommet  Neoprene Rubber Grommet


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