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Nitrile Rubber Grommet


Nitrile Rubber Grommet & Buna N Grommet

Nitrile Grommet, known as Buna N Grommet or NBR Rubber Grommet, which is widely used in cover or protect automotive wire & cable from abrasion damage & vibration  when pass though & inserted plastic, metal or other hard materials, like bushing or sleeves. Nitrile Rubber Grommet also have sealing functions etc.

Nitrile Rubber Grommets & Plug, which have good oil resistance, especially alkane oil, and also have good wear resistance.

 Notes: NBR is a synthetic rubber that is resistant to oil (especially alkane oil) and has good aging resistance. NBR has excellent oil resistance which is superior to natural rubber, chloroprene rubber and styrene butadiene rubber. In general rubber, NBR’s resistance to benzene, petroleum base oil and nonpolar solvents (such as mineral oil, liquid fuel, animal and plant oil and solvent) is much superior to the performance of nonpolar rubber, like NR, SBR, IIR,CR, while NBR isn’t resistant to polar solvents and polar oil.

Nitrile Rubber Grommet.PDF

Nitrile Grommets & Plug long-term working temperature: -20oC ~ 100oC , 

Density : 0.95g/cm3 ~ 1.0g/cm3

Hardness: 40 ~ 90 Shore A

Buna N Rubber Grommet Plug

Nitrile Rubber Grommet, also can made from FDA food grade material, which is widely used in water dispenser, sanitary products etc.

FDA NBR Grommet Seal.pdf

Nitrile Grommet

Nitrile Rubber Grommet & Buna N Grommet  Shapes

1. Blind Rubber Grommets & Blanking Grommets, Grommets Cover

2. Round Rubber Grommet & Grommet Rings

3. Oval Grommets & Oblong Rubber Grommets

4. Open Rubber Grommets

5. Rectangular Grommets

6. Square Rubber Grommet

7. Tapered Rubber Grommets, Grommet Plug & Grommet Seal

Buna N Rubber Grommet

Nitrile Rubber Grommets Parting Line

Rubber grommet parting line & joint line location, not only depends on grommet designs & sizes, but also on grommets hardness & durometer.

Grommet parting line demands affect grommet's molding price and unit price.

Nitrile Rubber Grommet Plug


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