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NBR Grommet

Nitrile Rubber grommet (NBR grommet), Nitrile Butadiene Rubber grommet, also known as Buna N grommet, which are made of Nitrile rubber with good properties of aging resistance & oil resistance, especially alkane oil.

NBR Grommet 

Nitrile Rubber grommet (NBR grommet), Nitrile Butadiene Rubber grommet, also known as Buna N grommet, which are made of Nitrile rubber with good properties of aging resistance & oil resistance, especially alkane oil.

Our company make molding and manufacture different shapes & materials of silicone rubber grommets, which are designed to be pushed & snap into holes to protect cable, holes, wires, cord, hoses from damage, seal & vibration. Silicone Rubber Grommet, which is widely used in automotive & electrical products, works as seal, plug, sleeves & cover, bushing etc.

Nitrile Rubber grommet

NBR Grommet Advantages:

NBR Grommets have Excellent oil resistance, good wear resistance, good temperature resistance & good adhesiveness

While there are also disadvantages of NBR grommet, like Poor low-temperature & ozone resistance, Poor insulation, and low elasticity.

Material Abbreviation Tear Resistance Relative Price Temperature Range

Ozone, UV


Oil Resistance
Natural NR Excellent Good -60F to 220F Poor Poor
Ethylene-Propylene EPDM Good Excellent -70F to 250F Excellent Poor
Nitrile NBR Good Good -30F to 250F Poor Excellent
Neoprene/   Chloroprene CR Good Excellent -60F to 220F Good Fair
Silicone VMQ Fair Fair -175F to F Excellent Fair

 custom rubber grommet    

NBR Grommet Shapes
As a professional silicone rubber products manufacturer, we are able to produce grommets in a variety of shapes, including:

  • Oval Grommets & Oval Shock Absorber 

  • Square Rubber Grommet & Square rubber damper 

  • Rectangular rubber Grommets & 

  • Oblong Rubber Grommets & Oblong rubber isolator

  • Round silicone Grommets

  • Blind Grommets, Rubber Blanking Grommets, Blind Rubber Grommet

  • Closed Rubber Grommets, Blanking Grommets

  • Grommet Rings


rubber grommet

Anti Vibration Rubber Damper Application

EPDM Grommet are widely used in Aging resistance field, Waterproof field, Corrosion resistance field, and Electrical insulation field, like Cable grommets, wire grommets, desk grommet, electrical grommets, blind rubber grommets, blanking grommets, etc.

NBR grommet application

wire grommet

rubber grummet

Our Company Advantages for NBR Grommet Production
Xiamen Better Silicone Co,.Ltd mainly specialize in producing different types of  grommets, o-rings. O-ring repair kits, excavator O-ring kits,  OEM customized rubber products.The materials are available in NBR, SILICON, FKM,  EPDM,HNBR, SBR and so on.

Our Advantage:
1. Precision Own Mold-Making Technology since 1998, one stop service for silicone rubber compression molded components, plastic injection molded and liquid silicone rubber molding components.
2. In-depth knowledge of elastomeric materials molded
3. In-depth knowledge of fluid control technology.
4. Mature Experience of avoiding out of shape and damage from Production to Shipment: Materials Choice, Design Improvement and Packing Information.
5. Rapid prototyping with full sizes production equipment and production materials.
6. Experienced clean room and precision manufacturing technology.

cable grommet

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