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Self Inflating Resuscitation Bag Production Issue & Solution

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Resuscitation Bag 

Resuscitation Bag also known as self inflating bag, resuscitator bag, ventilation & respiratory bag and resuscitation balloon. Manual resuscitation bag which have disposable and reusable type, is made from PVC, silicone or liquid silicone rubber. It is a part of manual resuscitator, ambu bag ventilator, bag valve mask, CPR bag in medical use. We are manufacturer of self-inflating resuscitator, ambu bag parts.

PVC Manual Resuscitator Self Inflating Resuscitation Bagresuscitator BVM bag

Resuscitation Bag Type for Ambu Bag

Neonatal Infant manual resuscitatorNeonatal (newborn) Infant resuscitation bag

Pediatric ambu bag

Pediatric resuscitator bag

Adult BVM

Adult resuscitation bag

PVC Infant Adult Resuscitation BagLiquid Silicone Rubber Neonatal Pediatric silicone manual resuscitator

Resuscitation Bag Production Issue & Solution

Discoloration of the resuscitation balloon material

Cracking of the ventilation bag end

Bag valve mask Resuscitator Bag Production Issue

Resuscitator Bag Production Solution

Machine Parameter Setting: Temperature control is important because higher temperature will make the material to discolor. 

Material Selection & Mold Gate Design: Because the PVC bag end is smaller than bag body, suitable material and gate design can avoid cracking in the bag end.

Self Inflating Manual Resuscitation Bag for BVM

How to Use Resuscitation Bag?

Resuscitator bag is a self inflating balloon. It is attached to a nonrebreathing valve, a face mask, a reservoir bag with oxygen to make up a BVM to provide ventilation to the person not breathing normally. The bag is squeezed manually to transport oxygen to the patient through the nose and mouth until the intubation can be done. After squeezing, it will be inflated again by itself.

Self-inflating Bag Manufacturing Process

PVC Resuscitator Bag V.S. Silicone Resuscitation Bag

Self inflating bag can be made from PVC, SEBS by plastic injection molding, solid silicone by compression molding, and liquid silicone rubber by lsr injection molding. PVC and SEBS manual resuscitation bag are disposable. SEBS bag will be softer than PVC bag. Solid silicone and LSR resuscitation balloon are reusable with softer handfeel. They can be sterilized and recycled up to 20 times. Available in every clinic and ambulance. It is used in the provision of assistance at the scene of accidents and other events, as well as in the transport of heavy patients in intensive care vehicles. Thus, the unit price of silicone resuscitation balloon will be higher than that of PVC and SEBS resuscitation balloon.  

liquid silicone rubber lsr manual resuscitation resuscitatorResuable Silicone BVM

Manual Resuscitation (Ambu Bag & Bag Valve Mask) Parts

We are manufacturer of ambu bag parts, including pop-off valve, patient valve, non-rebreathing valve, PEEP valve, umbrella valve, duckbill one way valve, face mask, offering factory price.

 umbrella valve for manual ventilator bagcheck valve for patient valve & non rebreathing valve

pop-off valve PEEP valve for self inflating bagmanual resuscitator plastic parts

PVC Bag Valve Mask manual ventilator bag

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