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Custom Make Bacteria Viral Filter for Ventilator

Silicone Forehead Pad, also known as medical forehead pad, Silicone Cushion, which are mainly used with CPAP Mask, Full Face Mask & for Medical Resuscitator & Respirator. The forehead pad support the hard plastic frame and helps to prevent any discomfort caused by plastic mask rubbing against your skin and is compatible with a variety of Respironcis masks.
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Bacteria Viral Filter for Ventilator

Bacterial Viral Filter, also known as Viral Filters, Ventilator Bacterial Filter, Viral Filter for Ventilator and so on. The bacterial filter of disposable ventilator is a kind of filter device with simple structure, low cost, high reliability and simple operation. The viral filter body are produced with PP material byPlastic Injection Molding. The Viral filter’s membrane of the bacterial filter generally adopts the imported high-efficiency filter medium, which can effectively intercept the impurities, bacteria and other pathogens in the pipeline. Generally, the filtration rate of the particles in the air above 0.5 cubic meters can reach more than 90%. Therefore, it can effectively prevent the cross-infection among patients caused by various pathogenic bacteria discharged into the room.

CPAP Mask Viral Filters

Bacterial Viral Filter Classification

At present, it can be mainly divided into disposable bacterial filter and reusable bacterial filter:

1. Use the disposable bacterial filter for 6 hours and discard after use.

2. The bacterial filter can be reused and sterilized with high-temperature and high-pressure steam after use. The general pressure is 2.2kpa, the temperature is 135℃, the time is 7min and the drying time is 5min.

Ventilator Bacterial FilterBacteria Filter for Ventilator

As a professional silicone rubber plastic company, we also produce many different kinds of silicone products for medical use:

 umbrella valve duckbill valve

                                Umbrella Valve                                          Duckbill Valve

silicone cap swing valves

                               Silicone Cap                                     Flap Valve & Swing Valve

silicone diaphragm valve silicone seal

                          Membrane Valve                                            Silicone Seal

silicone seal silicone O-ring

                                Silicone Bobin                                             Silicone O-ring

Silicone bulbs Rubber Bellows Expansion Joint

                       Silicone Bulb Tube                                              Silicone Bellows

plastic tubes full face mask

                               Plastic Tube                                                  Full Face Mask

plastic connector plastic patient valve

                               Plastic Elbow                                             Plastic Cover


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