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How Many Resuscitator Valves Are in BVM Ventilation Bag?

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BVM Valve

BVM valve also can be called as resuscitator valve and Ambu Bag valve, which function as non return valve in self inflating manual resuscitator to control oxygen flowing for a breathing or non-breathing patient in an emergency situation. 

BVM Ambu bag valve includes pop-off valve, pressure limiting valve, non-rebreathing patient valve, PEEP valve, and intake valve, consisting of plastic parts and rubber medical check valve like duckbill valve, umbrella valve, diaphgram disc valve, expiratory valve.

BVM Resuscitator Bag Valve

BVM Valves Types

Non-rebreathing Patient Valve in BVM

Patient valve are used with self-inflating bags and have a particular “duckbill” shape or lip membrane constituted by a thin and flexible diaphragm and a flat silicone ring disc. The duckbill valve (inspiratory valve) opens during inspiration and also impinges upon a flat silicone ring (expiratory valve) that moves to close the exit port. When the patient inhales, the valves prevent the inspiration of room air - the patient will only breathe from the oxygen reservoir. When the patient exhales, these valves prevent the movement of expired gas back into the reservoir, so as to prevent the re-breathing of expired gas (hence "non-rebreather").

Non Rebreathing valve for Manual Resuscitatorsilicone ring disc for manual resuacitator

BVM's Intake Valve

All in one intake valve includes three umbrella valves (mushroom seal valve) with different diameter. These valves are non return one way valve which are made of medical grade silicone, and function as gas intake and air inlet check valve. Air intake valve connects to oxygen reservoir bag directly and prevents oxygen from refluxing back into the reservoir.

umbrella valve for in inlet & intake valve for self inflating bag

Pop-off Valve in BVM

Pop-off valve also known as pressure limiting valve or safety valve, which is constitude by a pc part, silicone bobbin and steel spring. 

These  pressure release valves are set to release at 40/60 cm of water. Therefore, if pressures in excess of this limit are generated, the valve opens, preventing the excess pressure from being transmitted to the infant or adult. Any self-inflating Ambu bag in which one can bypass the pop-off valve should have a pressure gauge attached to it.

BVM pop off valve

BVM's PEEP Valve

Positive end expiratory pressure (PEEP), is a pressure applied by the ventilator at the end of each breath. PEEP improves oxygenation and prevents ventilator induced lung injury. Ambu PEEP valves have been designed to provide unique resistance, characteristics when used with manual resuscitators, ventilators, anaesthesia machines and CPAP systems. It can be fitted directly to the patient valve of any original Ambu resuscitator without additional. Sealing in adjustment cap is made of EPDM rubber.

PEEV valve for Ambu Bag

Bag Valve Mask BVM Replacement

Self Inflating Resuscitation Ambu Bag ducbill valve for patient valve & non rebreathing valve

manual resuscitator Ambu Bag plastic partssilicone valve for Resuscitator Bag

manual resuscitator partsDisposable Manual Resuscitator

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