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Nitrile Rubber Flexible Bellows

Nitrile Flexible Bellows, also known as Nitrile Rubber Flexible Bellows & Nitrile Buna n Flexible Bellows are mainly used as a cover or expansion joint for connecting moving parts and protect inner components against oil, dust, water, grease, acids, bleaches, etc, also called protective cover and expansion joint bellows.
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Nitrile Flexible Bellows

Nitrile Flexible Bellows, also known as Nitrile Rubber Flexible Bellows & Nitrile Buna n Flexible Bellows are mainly used as a cover or expansion joint for connecting moving parts and protect  inner components against oil, dust, water, grease, acids, bleaches, etc, also called protective cover and expansion joint bellows.

Nitrile Flexible  Bellows are produced by silicone rubber compression molding, extrusion moulding or rubber injection moulding.
Nitrile Flexible Bellows
Nitrile Flexible  Bellows Advantages:
1. Excellent Oil-proof: 
Excellent oil resistance ranks only second to polysulfide rubber, acrylate and FKM
2. High tensile strength and wear resistance.
3. Good Heat Resistance: 
Working Temperature ranging -35oC-110oC. (Short-period working: 120oC)
4. Good air tightness
5. Strong Adhesion

Nitrile Flexible   Bellows Disadvantages:
1. Poor ozone resistance, against storage 
2. Poor electrical property
3. No resistance to aromatic solvents, halogenated hydrocarbon solvents and ketones & esters solvents
4. Low elasticity
Nitrile Rubber Flexible Bellows
Nitrile Flexible  Bellows Main Struction and Shape
Nitrile NBR Flexible Bellows
Straight Convolution 
Nitrile Flexible  Bellows
Straight Nitrile Flexible Bellows
Tapered Nitrile
 Flexible  Bellows
Nitrile Rubber Bellows
Metal + 
Nitrile Flexible  Overmolded  Bellows
Metallic Nitrile Bellows
NItrile Flexible  Bellows with Clamp & Locks
Nitrile Bellows with Lock
Rubber Bellows Main Materials

Material Abbreviation Temperature Range Aging Weathering Ozone Resistance to Oil & Grease Water Swell Resistance  Flex-Fatigue Economy of Material Material Notes
Chloroprene(Neoprene) CR -40F to 250F Good Good Average Very Good Good exposure to refrigerants,can be compounded for FDA applications
Nitrile NBR -22F to 212F Poor Very Good Good Good Very Good Automotive Applications, Good Oil Proof
Ethylence-Propylene EPDM,EPM -60F to 300F Very Good Poor Very Good Good Very Good Outside Applications, Good Weather Proof
Silicone VMQ -75F to 450F Very Good Average Very Good Very Good Average Medical Applications
Fluo Rubber FKM 5F   to 390F Very Good Very Good Good Average Poor Rubber King, Widely Applications


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