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Silicone Bellows

Our company make compression molded tooling, design and manufacture different kinds & construction of elastomeric silicone rubber bellows & cover, expansion joint & flexible boots, bellows suction cup, air bellows etc, which as a protective appliance to dust proof, anti-oil, water proof and other environment elements in aim to keep equipment performance in medical device, machine automotive, pumping, industrial usage etc.
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Silicone Bellows

Silicone Bellows, also known as Silicone Dust Cover and Rubber Expansion Joint & Boots, are designed as a cover or expansion bellows which have versatile functions as silicone “dust boots” or seals, elastomeric expansion joint, used to seal out dust and other light-duty environmental factors while allowing a specific stroke or predetermined range of motion. They are quite common in industrial and automotive applications.

Silicone Bellows are usually produced by silicone rubber compression molding, extrusion moulding or rubber injection moulding.  

As for the Bellows Suction Cup, we have some types can be sold to you directly like our attached file shows, please check for details:

Stock Rubber Bellows.pdf

rubber bellows.jpg

Silicone Bellows' major defects made by others

rubber bellows problems.png   silicone bellows.jpg

Reasons of Silicone Bellows' major defects:

1. Flashing is too big: to solve this problem, we need to pay attention to 3 points when production; the first one is mold-design, second one is workers' skill about removing flash, and the production technology is also very important, if molding pressure is not enough, will also make the flash hard to be removed.

2. Mold misalignment & uneven wall: this problem mainly caused by mold tool, like mold-making precision, misalignment of upper mold and down mold, datum angle & the 4 located pins are not accurate enough.

3. Lip cracking: the situation is relative to raw materials hardness & durometer, products' structure, and die-cutting tool.

Rubber Bellows Main Material

Temperature Range
Aging Weathering, Ozone
Anti-Oil & Grease
Anti Water Swell
Economy of Material
Material Notes

Chloroprene & Neoprene


-40F to 250F

Excellent Good Exprosure to refrigerants, can be compounded for FDA applications
-22F to 212F Poor
Excellent Good
Good Excellent Excellent resistance to petroleum based oils and hydrocarbon fuels



-60F to 300F Excellent
Excellent Good Excellent /
-75F to 450F Excellent Average
Excellent Excellent Average Medical and aerospace applications
5F to 390F Excellent Excellent Good Average Poor /

Silicone Bellows Shape

EPDM Rubber Bellows.jpgtapered rubber bellows.jpg

                 Miniature Rubber Bellows                              Tapered Rubber Bellows

rubber flange bellows.jpgSquare rubber bellows.jpg

           Rubber Flange  Bellows                                          Square Rubber Bellows                            

Silicone Bellows Advantages:

1. Anti-ozone and weather resistance
2. Aging & corrosion resistance
3. Waterproof and steam resistance: bathroom equipment, auto radiator && brake system.

4. Electrical insulation: wire & cable 
5. Good heat resistance (dry heat): working temperature range -75°F to 450°F
6. Good physiological inertia
Silicone Bellows Disadvantages:
1. Poor tear-resistance
2. Poor wear-resistance
3. Low surface tension & surface tension silicone bellows mold.jpg

Our company advantages for silicone bellows manufacturing process:

1. Precision Own Mold-making Technology since 1998: 

2. In-depth knowledge of different elastomer rubber materials molded for expansion joint & boots

3. Mature experience of flexible silicone rubber bellows quality controls:

a. Silicone Rubber bellows wall thickness sizes telorance: less 0.05mm

b. mini or less expansion joint flashing

c. mold maintenance in aim to up and down mold plate with horizontal stripe in exact position

d. good ejected molding to improve silicone bellows production efficiency

4. Rapid prototyping with full sizes production equipment and production materials.

5. In-depth knowledge of overmolded metal + silicone rubber bellows production

Silicone Bellows Design.jpg


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