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Suspansion Rubber Bellows Tubing

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Expansion Rubber Bellows Tubing
Rubber Bellows Tubing, known as Silicone Bellows Pipe, Rubber Bellow Boots & Rubber Expansion Bellows, serve as flexible, quiet and protective components in vehicle, industrial, medical, pipework applications, which provide the isolation from noise and vibration caused by motor of machines, including Automotive Bellows, Industrial Bellows, Dust Covers, Flexible Bellows, Protective Bellows for protecting dust, water, oil, grease, acids, bleaches, spatter and other environment elements.
Rubber Bellows Tubing
Rubber Bellows Tubing Material:
Rubber Bellows Tubing are usually manufactured in various materials, including silicone, Rubber, CR, NBR, EPDM, Neoprene, Nitrile, etc
Some features of materials as below:
 Bellows Materials
Rubber Dust Covers
Rubber Bellows Tubing Applications:

Flexible Automotive Rubber Bellows-Isolating noise and vibrations caused by engine.
Dust Covers-Suitable for steering system, exhaust system, suspension joints, vehicles brake system, etc.
Rubber Bellows Pipe-Minimize of noise and shock caused by pipework movement (including axial, lateral or angular directions)

Medical Rubber Bellows-
 S erve as supporting and connecting soft pipes of medical devices, usually made of medical grade silicone. 
Therefore,  silicone bellows tubing  have a wide range of applications in breathing mask, anesthesia machines, respirator, implantable drug pumps. 
Silicone Bellows
Our company not only makes elastic  rubber bellows tubing  compression tooling and also can make plastic + liquid silicone rubber bellows overmolding injection mold & plastic over molded bellows, etc.
Silicone Rubber Bellows

Our Company Advantages for Rubber Bellows Tubing Mold-making and Production:
1. Precision Own Mold-Making Technology since 1998, one stop service for silicone extruded molded components, silicone rubber compression molded components, plastic injection molded and liquid silicone rubber molding components.
2. In-depth knowledge of elastomeric materials molded
3. In-depth knowledge of Rubber Bellows Tubing mold-making technology and Rubber Molded Bellows molded technology.
4. Rich experience in rubber bellows tubing production
     Rubber Bellows Tubing manufacturing method: 
     Fabricates rubber bellows and boots adopt one of three rubber molding methods, including compression molding, transfer molding and rubber injection molding utilizing the most recent rubber compounds available.

Rubber Molded Bellows 
Custom Rubber Bellows Tubing quick quotation requirements:
a. Offer 2D, 3D designs drawings, samples or tell us your ideas.
b. Materials demands: Solid Silicone, Liquid silicone rubber or other materials
c. Materials Class demands: food grade, medical grade materials or industrial grade
c. Hardness demands: 10-80 Shore A ( Durometer)
d. Working environment: Like Working temperature, chemical environment etc.
e. Production environment Demands: If need clear room
f. Package Requirement 
Silicone Bellows Structure
Rubber Bellows and boots


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